Kumla Storyseeker, Introduction


            As the child of two professional diplomats - one English, the other Arabic - Kumla grew up used to moving across the world at a moment's notice. She also had the good fortune to have kinfolk on both sides of her family, so there were no unpleasant surprises when she went through her first change - it was just a case of resolving the betting pool that had been organized to see if she would take after her Fianna uncle or her Silent Strider great-grandmother. The Silent Striders won, although Kumla's uncle claims her Fianna heritage shows through in her galliard auspice.

            With a natural facility for languages, Kumla initially followed her parents into government service shortly after she obtained her Masters' Degree at Georgetown University. But Kumla soon decided that her temper was just a little too quick for the diplomatic corps and she soon started another career as a translator - usually for visiting oil executives from the mid-East. With a little careful manipulation of circumstances, Kumla was able to keep an eye on some of the more grotesque actions against Gaia by ensuring that she was the first person called upon during those delicate OPEC negotiations.

            Staying true to her roots, Kumla has travelled the globe in her self-appointed task, collecting information and stories where-ever she goes. She is never happier than when she can drop her professional demeanor and relax with her friends - of whom she has few, but she holds them very close to her heart. She prefers to fight the Wyrm by educating cubs and kinfolk about its myriad schemes and guises, but she hasn't shrunk from violence when the occasion called for it.

            Kumla joined Luna's Mist five years' ago when she realized that she needed a place to call 'home' that wasn't a transitory apartment or hotel room. Greymist's laconic style easily countered her occasional moments of frenetic activity and they have discovered that, between them, there is little they can't cope with. Although they still flip a coin over who has to deal with the rambunctious cubs…


Further details.

            Father was part of the diplomatic staff for the ambassador from the United Arab Emirates. Her mother worked for the British Foreign Office. Kumla's mother stopped working for the Brits when she married Kumla's father and, after a thorough background vetting, she was allowed to take a minor administrative role in the UAE's diplomatic corps.

            When Kumla reached college age, the family was in Washington DC and she chose to go to Georgetown pretty much by default. She majored in languages, with a minor in liberal arts. She is fluent in English, French and Arabic. The summer between her sophomore and junior year, she spent in Cairo – supposedly hiking down the Nile with some history students, but she spent most of her time with some of her Silent Strider kinfolk, where she picked up her initial training in matters garou-ish.

            Kumla's Master's Degree is in political science, with her thesis focusing upon the cultural/political pitfalls of the mid-east oil industry - she already had her future plans in mind. She spent one year pushing papers for her father's embassy mostly to keep him happy. Once she explained her intended purpose, she left government service with Papa's blessing. Her parents have retired to Spain - a favorite holiday place for both of them.

            Two years ago, Kumla made the acquaintance of Miriam El-Suufi, in Chicago. Kumla thought she was on the trail of a lost cub who had gone through his first change and was wreaking havoc. Miriam thought she was on the trail of a newly arisen hajjrite. They ran into each other - literally - at the Egyptology exhibit at the University of Chicago. Explanations were quickly exchanged and Kumla gladly accepted Miriam's offer of assistance (and vice versa). The situation was soon resolved - the young man in question was, indeed, a newly arisen hajjrite in need of assistance. Kumla's presence was invaluable - two tongues can talk faster than one, particularly to bewildered and annoyed curators - and they parted ways on good terms. They catch up with each other from time to time - every few months.

            Angsty stuff: When Kumla fell in with Luna's Mist, she was one burned-out cowpoke. Even Silent Striders get lonely and Luna's Quest provided some much-needed security and grounding. Kumla flatly refuses to talk about the six months of her life before she joined the pack.

            Kumla is sterile, following a nasty encounter with an unpleasant umbral beastie. Frankly, she thinks that's best, as she's afraid that if she did become pregnant, the child would have too many heads and not enough limbs (it was a very nasty umbral beastie lurking around a defunct nuclear power plant). It's also upped Kumla's chance of developing a nasty cancer by an order of magnitude, but that she has a ritual for...