SOP for Lillian Malford

Because Johanna believes in putting things down in writing before the matter is urgent. There's nothing more annoying than a player who only decides he's got a piranha-filled moat after the hunters start knocking on the door.

This assumes that the character sheet's points are able to support these declarations, of course. As of this writing, Johanna is waiting to hear back from Eric in that regard.

General Rules

Lillian Malford is not the name under which the character practices medicine. Or keeps her bank accounts. Or does anything else except interact with the kindred. Johanna uses the name all the time to prevent any confusion, since she confuses easily.

Lillian's resources are pretty scanty, so her haven isn't Fort Knox. Ideally, she spends her daytime in the dirt in the crawlspace under whatever rental house she's in. When forced to live in an apartment, she curls up in a large suitcase in the closet. Uncomfortable, but unobtrusive, and hopefully overlooked by housebreakers.

As per any sensible kindred, Lillian rotates food and veg through her fridge. She uses a PO Box for her mailing address, with an automatic forwarding order to another PO box - even for professional correspondence. She doesn't accept any newspaper delivery, etc., for obvious reasons.

Lillian uses cash-based pay-as-you-go sim cards for her phone service. Circumstances require that she maintains a phone line (with 'net service) and the usual utilities at her haven, but those are not kept under the name Lillian Malford.

Lillian uses cash as much as possible in all transactions. I'm sure she has to have a bank account because of medical billing bureaucracy, but she empties her account at least twice a month and keeps the cash in her haven - in the aforementioned hidden safe. Risky, yes, but so's everything.

She uses a cross-cut shredder at home and at work for all papers that pass through her hands. Even grocery store receipts are shredded and put into compost - not recycling. She doesn't put anything into a locked shred bin at "the office" (wherever it happens to be) as it's occurred to her in the past that taking control of a "secure shredding" company is something that a clever enemy might do. When she has to, she shreds her documents at her desk and takes the shreds home to mulch - or, better yet, dumps them in someone else's bins as she drives home. Of course, she'd be happier burning everything, but that's not an option.

Currently, she drives a 2010 Honda Civic, which she bought used and paid cash for. It's not stylin', but it's unobtrusive and isn't tied to a bank payment. She tries to vary her routes to/from her haven and practice, but there's only so many ways to get from A to B. Reluctantly, she maintains insurance on the car.

Medical Practice And "Special Counseling"
"Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing." - O'Brien to Winston, 1984.

Lillian will work alone or as part of a collective practice, depending on circumstances, but she prefers being a part of a shared practice. Although that opens her up to certain risks - potentially predictable schedule, etc - it also grants certain advantages. She doesn't have to pay rent for an office space. The practice looks after malpractice / legal issues and handles the billing.

Her office is a paean to "What a counselor's space should look like" and is therefore, totally devoid of individual character. The art on the walls is mass-produced, the books on the bookshelf are the usual range of self-help and clinical titles. The decor is neutral, but comfortable - as it should be. And Lillian keeps nothing of a personal nature in her desk.

Innocuous notes (about genuine patients, ongoing studies, etc) are kept on a PC that is hooked up to the 'net when Lillian doesn't have any choice. Everyday consumer-level security is used to protect the files, but Lillian doesn't have the know-how for anything more sophisticated than Carbonite / Dropbox (she has Computer 1 at character creation)

The notes for Lillian's "special" patients are handwritten in a series of notebooks, which she keeps in a hidden safe in her haven. The one exception is if she's currently working on a "protege", in which case those notes stay with her during the daytime and go into her safe when she has to leave them unattended. There is a duplicate set of notes on her computer, but they are not genuine. Those duplicate notes are for the benefit of anyone who breaks into (or subpoenas) her hard drive. In both cases, patients are identified by a code-word, not their name or even initials. She does not travel with those notes unless absolutely necessary.

Lillian generally focuses on grooming sociopaths and turning them into "functional" members of society. She was particularly successful in Los Angeles, with all those members of the entertainment industry. She hopes to find more material to work with among the high-tech crowd of the SF Bay Area.

Lillian has had two particularly notable successes: Isaac Chang (mentioned here) and Teresa Mitchell.

Chang killed over a dozen women from 2002 - 2010 before dying in a car accident in Chicago*. He was a thrill-killer with enough intelligence and coherence (thanks to Lillian's "counseling") to target victims who could not be connected and using a variety of killing and disposal techniques.

Teresa Mitchell was a patient of Dr. Malford's in Seattle in 2008. Severely abused in childhood and adolescence, Mitchell was easy pickings for Lillian's brand of sadistic control. Since Mitchell is working out her mommy issues via means of extreme violence, Lillian doesn't expect her to last very long before being caught or committing suicide. Neither of those situations concerns Lillian very much. She "counseled" Mitchell on the "correct" things to do to avoid immediate detection. It's up to Mitchell to follow the plan.

In general, Lillian finds the sociopaths and the thrill-seeking types much easier to "mentor" and has given up on trying to exercise significant control of paranoid schizophrenics. The latter are deliciously vulnerable, but also erratic and very difficult to control over the long term. There's more money and more security in showing Mr. CEO how he can pass as a fully functional human being while piling up a metaphorical body count in his wake.

Unsurprisingly, Lillian's primary focus as a psychologist is psychopathology. She has participated in several meta-analyses (much easier for a vampire to conduct than a direct clinical study) and written many papers on the subject. Publicly, her interest is in identifying and resolving childhood traumas as they relate to a pathological individual. This provides her with very rich pickings, indeed. But she chooses her proteges very, very carefully - one a year, at most - in order to minimize her chances of failure and potential betrayal. There have beens some "failures", which Johanna will document, eventually.

Lillian doesn't need to justify this practice beyond the fact that it's an exercise in control and she enjoys it. Of course, it took her a while to admit that out loud, but that's a subject for another day.

Mankind needs butchers as well as shepherds. Lillian has a little joke with herself that she simply makes sure the butchers have the best tools to hand in order to do their job with maximum efficiency.

*Or was it? As ever, some things are left deliberately open-ended for the ST's use. :)

Lillian Malford