Subject to changes/tweaks without notice...

Born 1965

1981 - Graduated HS (a year ahead of her class).

1985 - Graduated Brown University with a BS (academic scholarship).

1986 - Married David Kelly.

1988 - Completed PhD at University of Chicago. Focus on pyschopathology of the individual and cognitive treatment approaches. Clear intersection with forensic psychology during this time.

1991 - Finished residency and became fully qualified. Joins a study team at UChic.

1994 - Decides to leave academia in favor of self-employment. Joins a collective practice.

1998 - First espied by Michael W.

2003 - Ghouled.

2005 - Marriage ends.

2006 - Moves to NYC (at Michael's behest) and starts a private practice. Combines private treatment with consultation/acting as an expert witness as needed (rarely - forensic psychology is not her stated speciality).

2008 - The pair relocates to Seattle for a change of scene. Continues with private practice.

2010 - Embraced. This is also when she starts using the name "Lillian Malford" in all non-professional interactions. She maintains her real name for her medical practice because it would be extremely difficult to shove the paperwork through and continue practicing under a new name. First signs of an over-developed sense of paranoia - even for a vampire.

2011 - Michael abandons Lillian - although she doesn't see it that way. Wanting a change of scene, she moves to Los Angeles.

2012 - Lillian (reluctantly) joins the Circle of the Crone. The political situation demanded that she pick a covenant, so she held her nose and went with the one she found least objectionable. It turns out to be a moderately good fit, although she doesn't appreciate the religious / theist overtones.

Late 2013 - Lillian moves to the Bay Area.

About the (Ex) Husband...
David Kelly. Born 1962. Met Lily when she moved to UChic for postgrad work and they married quickly. David studied marketing at the University of Illinois, tried to get into glitzy advertising and eventually lucked into a pretty-good bizdev gig with a Nameless But Successful tech company. Long hours, but not too bad and there's some room for life/work balance. He likes hiking and open-water swimming.

Urban habits include eating out, going to the movies - not so much for live events. Smart, likeable, cleans up well although he's a bit slobbier in day-to-day life in comparison to Lily. Enjoys cooking but worries about that seeming a bit "metrosexual". Will choose beer over wine and baseball over football.

Adaptable and quick-witted. Not so good with money - it burns a hole in his pocket and he's gotten a little too used to being able to expense all kinds of things. Politically apathetic. Likes dogs, but unable to keep one because neither he nor Lily are home often enough to really look after it. Allergic to cats.

No kids because Johanna really doesn't want to deal with that. ;)

Lillian Malford