Aimée Johnson - Euthanatos

Aimée is walking a very fine line between "normal" nihilism and suicidal morbidity. See below for more details.

Born 1953, Boston Mass.

1955 - Aimée's parents die (something horrible and viral) just before Aimée's second birthday.

Aimée was kept in foster care most of her life, and never formed a particularly close attachment to her adoptive family.

1963 - Age 10. Aimée is badly burned during a fire in her home (started by faulty wiring) and still carries scars on her back from that time. The foster family is investigated, found at fault, and Aimée is moved. At this point, she joins with a family that she is to stay with until she's 18. The family is large, harried and rather careworn. But it's the only option Aimée has, so she sticks with it.

1968 - Aimée Awakened at 15. Aimée's mentor was a father figure to Aimée and a vital anchor in her young life.

1969 - Meets her true love, James Adams.

1972 - Aimée and James are engaged to be married when she turns 18.

Early 1973 - James and his parents are killed in a car accident, as they are driving him back from spring break. Aimée loses the next six months - drinking, mourning, etc.

1973 - At 19, Aimée sets out across the US to learn as much as possible about Spirit and Life magick. She is trying to find a way to locate the spirit of Jamie. Because success is boring, she won't do so well. :)

1974 - Aimée stays briefly with a chantry of CoX and Verbena in San Francisco. She discovers that hippies irritate her and they don't work hard enough for her needs, and she moves on.

1975 - 77 - Aimée stays with a chantry in Seattle, Washington. The members are scattered to the winds when the Technocracy gets in the way. It is during this period that Aimée first learns about vampires, but her study doesn't get fully underway until…

1977 - 78 - Aimée assists in an ultimately-doomed attempt to preserve a Euthanatos chantry in Mexico City. It is finally decided that it's just not worth the effort of trying to share the city with the Sabbat vampires and Black Spiral Dancers. Now Aimée's curiosity about vampires and shapeshifters is full blown

1978 - 80 - Aimée hops around the Caribbean, learning about vodoun and African paradigms.

1980 - 1982 - Aimée goes to Europe and damn near gets killed trying to learn about European vampires. After a brief stay with the Euthanatos in Madrid and a run with the bulls in Pamplona, she heads back to the U.S.

1982 - 1985 - Phoenix Arizona. Aimée, at this point, has almost given up on her hope of finding the current vessel of Jamie's spirit, and returns to the core of Euthanatos practices. This is a time of grounding and centering for her.

1985 - Aimée - quite by chance - locates the only surviving member of Jamie's family, his sister, Anna. Anna was a newborn at the time of the accident. She is now 12 and, when Aimée finds her, a newly arrived runaway in Tucson. Aimée promptly takes Anna under her wing.

1982 - 1986 - Attempting to provide Anna with some stability, Aimée settles in Santa Fe, New Mexico and manages to learn a few things about werewolves - mostly about how to avoid them. Despairing of public schools, Aimée tutors Anna. Aimée watches Anna carefully for signs of Awakening, and is disappointed when they fail to manifest.

1986 - 1988 - Having learned all she can from Santa Fe, Aimée moves to Colorado, with Anna in tow. Anna is now attending JC classes on her own time but Aimée is still looking after her. Anna has aspirations of being a writer, and Aimée sees no harm in supporting this.

1992 - 1996 - Aimée joins a chantry in Denver, "The Black Hole Sun Worshippers" - it's a collection of Euthanatos, Virtual Adepts and some shapeshifters - two garou and one Simba. This covers the period when Aimée was a PC, so some very weird stuff happened.

Through a variety of circumstances too strange to relate, Aimée gets quite close to the Prince of Denver, Julian Ascari - she even has a fling as his blood doll for a while. As I've said, it was weird.

During this time, Aimée exchanges information about the magii and the Technocracy with the Prince for information about the vampires. Aimée now knows a lot about Camarilla workings.

1996 - Things in Denver promptly go stale when Endings and Endings Epilogue occur. They can be read here. I will be changing some details of Aimée's history (ie, her being a ghoul for ten plus years). Everything finally falls apart as Anna is lost to the marauders, then killed accidentally by Aimée. Aimée is banished - and bloodhunted! - from Denver.

1996 - 97 - Another year of wandering westward and accumulating bitterness.

1997 - present - Aimée and Anna take up residence in San Francisco. Aimée is an aggressive loner at this point, but deeply conflicted about her motives, goals and alliances. She wants to believe in the better things in life, but has seen very little evidence of them. She wants to step back from a perceived abyss of spiritual destruction, but isn't sure how.

Dominant Traits

Generally taciturn, but happy to share accurate information.
Pessimistic, but desperately wants to improve upon that.
Has a soft spot for kids, and an intolerance of child abusers.
Has a Euthanatos-bred liking for dangerous situations. She's not irresponsible, but she believes that learning is rarely without risk.
Conflicted and mercurial. On her good days, she has a dark, sarcastic sense of humor, but is generally upbeat - especially for one of her Tradition. On a bad day, she is pessimistic, gloomy and morbid.


The Traditions are fighting a holding position in the Ascension Wars, and will probably lose, unless they are able to adopt more aggressive policies. If that means allying with the werewolves or even the vampires, so be it.

Aimée's opinion of vampires has changed over the decades. At the moment, she is contemptuous of their distorted world-view mixed with grudging admiration for the fact that they've managed to survive so long. Aimée is very bitter about how matters ended in Denver, and is very reluctant to talk about that time in her life.

Despite all this bitterness, she usually does her best to hide it - knowing that vinegar attracts very few flies. But it usually manifests in her very dry humor and honestly bleak outlook.

It is better to attempt something and fail, than to do nothing and fail.

In a way, she and the garou have a very similar fatalistic view of the fight they are engaged upon. She respects their zeal, but not their occasionally destructive and very disturbing ways.


Reading, rotecraft, cooking, shooting (hey, she's a Euthanatos), avoiding Marauders.

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