Ariadne Bancroft, Cult of Ecstasy mage, 34 years old. Children's writer. Married to John Bancroft, literary agent, 36 years old. One daughter, Chloe, 12.

Ariadne has been writing children's books for over ten years and is becoming quite popular. Her many books, over twenty five published so far, are aimed at a variety of age groups, from kindergarten through fifth and sixth grades. They range from fantastic fables featuring mythological creatures for younger children, to the only slightly bizarre books for older kids - she's been compared to Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake, only a little less grim.,

She works at home, writing and sometimes tutoring her daughter, who attends a liberal private school four days a week. Mostly, she's ensuring that Chloe doesn't become trapped in the current belief of status quo.

Ariadne's husband, John, is an independent literary agent. Ariadne is encouraging him to establish his own publishing company - that was one of the reasons they decided to move to the Bay Area, lots of talented writers who should be recognized...

Also living with Ariadne, John and Chloe is Ariadne's grandmother, who shares the same name. Ariadne's father named her after his mother in an attempt to ingratiate himself, and increase his potential inheritance. That didn't quite work as he was killed in a traffic accident six years ago. Ariadne and Grandma Ariadne (usually just called Grandma) get along very well.

Grandma is an old (79) widow (Grandpa died seventeen years ago) who came to the U.S. from Greece in 1934, when she was nineteen. Her English is good but not the greatest. So Ariadne learned Greek to facilitate communication, and she's slowly teaching it to John and Chloe.

Grandma's in good health, and lives with the family because she wants the company of her loved ones. She is financially stable in her own right (thank god for hard working husbands with a talent for playing the stock market) and is not yet showing any signs of the problems that plague the elderly, other than being rather frail.


Ariadne chooses to live outside of a chantry so that she can be closer to her family. However, she likes to be associated with one because it enable her to study and practice with relative freedom, as well as associate with others like her. John know that she is a mage, but has a rather difficult time dealing with it, so she keeps it out of the house as much as possible.

Neither her daughter nor her grandmother know the truth about her. Grandma may suspect; she's always listened to the stories of her homeland, and believes in some things that she thinks her granddaughter would laugh at if she told her. Chloe has no clue, but Ariadne is watching her carefully for signs of Awakening. None so far...

Ariadne and her family have just moved to the Bay Area, and while Ariadne knows there is a large CofX presence in Berkeley, she just hasn't had time to establish contact with them yet. What, with one book in proofs and another due next month, and Chloe to look after....


Ariadne Awoke when she was fourteen, much to her surprise, at a party being thrown by a friend of a friend in high school. That friend of a friend was a CofX, but had little idea that Ariadne had the potential to awaken, at his party or anywhere else, let alone be a fellow Cult member. It's all very complicated, suffice to say in involves some rather potent marijuana and accidental Time magic. And a nasty Paradoxical hangover.

She was trained by this friend of a friend, Tom Sampson for several years. The training was rather sporadic, as Ariadne was distracted by high school and, later, college. Then she married John, moved away, had children and kind of had to make everything up as she went along. Hence an Arete rating of two.

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