Marike Seiler

As the first citizen of the Imperial Remnant to attend Skywalker's Jedi Academy, Marike knew that she was going to cause at least a little sensation. Fortunately, her tenure at the Academy has - so far - been uneventful. Recently she was asked to join a group of fellow students, led by Jedi Knight Pavel O'Connor, on the exploration vessel Resolute. Their mission - to retrieve ancient Jedi artifacts - has quickly proven exciting, although Marike finds herself far more intrigued by her companions than the dangers they sometimes face...

Introduction and History
Who Marike is, and how she came to be. The usual set-up-for-the-gamemaster information. PDF file, not HTML

Vignette #1
Jedi Knight Pavel O'Connor can't help wondering why his Padawan is training in the middle of the night... PDF file, not HTML

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