Mattie Storin

Mattie Storin is blatantly taken from the Michael Dobb's novel House of Cards and the excellent BBC production of the same. (Yeah, yeah, Netflix did a good job. But I was playing this character in 1999...). Credit is given where it's due.

Who Mattie is, what she's like, and why she's doing what she does.

How Mattie came to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Set before she joined DST, Mattie almost gets into fatal trouble with Anthony Johnson, a Toreador from London...

Teatime's Over
An immediate followup to Teatime. Anthony Johnson suffers some unexpected consequences.

Moment 1 - Assignment
Mid-February, 1999 and momentarily back in the UK, Mattie's editor passes on an ironic assignment. Short vignette.

Anything But The Ghoul
Sometimes, those human passions can get a person into the most annoying trouble...

The Morning After
Sick of work and being surrounded by vampires, Mattie decides to have a night out - as far as Contra Costa can offer such a thing - and lives to regret it.

Darke Silver Theater

The pieces below were written during Mattie's tenure with one particular game - Darke Silver Theater - from January 1999 - June 1999, and are part of a different continuity that the Aragon pieces, above. Some elements of DST were carried over into Aragon - the characters of John Riley, Devon Ashmoore and Corianna Stancliffe - but don't let that confuse you.

Journal, 11/1/99
An excerpt from Mattie's journal, shortly her arrival in the court of Contra Costa.

Status Report, 6/1/99
Status Report, 5/3/99
Status Report, 4/12/99
Status Report, 3/29/99
Status Report, 3/15/99
Status Report, 3/4/99
Status Report, 2/19/99
Status Report, 1/29/99
-- Reports on the court of Contra Costa from Mattie to...who?

How I contrived Mattie Storin to exist in the World of Darkness

Francis Urquhart
In Mind's Eye Theatre terms...

Pictures from the BBC Production of House of Cards

RPG Fiction