Excerpts from Mattie Storin's recorded journal.

1/9/99 (at court)

Spoken quickly in a room with terrible acoustics.

Prince Feld is a contradiction. A mealy-mouthed demagogue with moments of misplaced democracy, or his grasp of sarcasm is worse than I thought. Riley is a classic example of the Nosferatu - down to the tape recorder - good thing I didn't tell him anything he couldn't have found out easily by other means. Ashley - a shapeshifter who swears alliegiance to Feld, unusually enough. She is willing to share information. Theresita Giovanni, looked like she had been slapped when presented as 'acting seneschal' when she had given all the impression that it was a permanent appointment. Possible source of dissent there. Speaking of dissent, Black Wolfe seems to thrive on his sullen attitude - is he a tolerated voice of rebellion, or does he just have enough of the court by the balls for them not to act against him?


Shortly after, much better sound. Mild traffic noise in the background.

Research the following.

Prince Feld, he's a Malkavian. What's the nature of his dementia? He mentioned headaches, only appeared briefly at court. How do the courtiers tolerate this Prince in absentia?

Vannevar's conclave - it seems like a naked power grab from where I'm standing. Feld voiced protest, but didn't seem to have any force with which to back it up - still, Concord has not been swallowed whole. Ashley attributed this to Vannevar's fears of some of the more unusual courtiers.

Blood Cult productions. I have their flier, will ask around.

Theresita Giovanni. If she has designs on the fief, she may have left signs. Perhaps she will ally with Vannevar? After all, she may accept being the small fish in a big pond, as long as she's the top of the heap in Concord.

Theresita mentioned a pact between the creatures of Concord, and then realized that she had said too much. Research that pact.

Jeremy is a terrible liar. Who is Ezra Dark? Stephen Miller told me a little about her, including that she is in fact still extant, despite rumors to the contrary. Everyone seemed to be whispering her name like it was the bogeyman's.

Corax. Bird shapeshifters. I've never heard of those before.



My visit to the court of Concord last night just served to prove the fact that there are exceptions to every rule. Most of the kindred therein were surprisingly forthcoming - at least, until they heard the word 'journalist' pass my lips. I'll have to do the usual groundwork to reassure them, with the usual alacrity.

So far, Ashley and Theresita promise to be valuable sources, and I seem to be already competing with Riley to cultivate his Nosferatu. I'll have to watch my step with that clan in general, and him in particular.

Ashley has already given me a valuable insight into how this unusual court is able to operate. Many of the inhabitants knew each other before they were embraced or changed, and have chosen to retain those alliances despite other traditional hatreds.


What are the odds of an entire social clique turning into vampires, werewolves, magii and more, apparently within months of each other? Such odds must be astronomical and, therefore, is very suspicious. The usual questions apply: who stands to gain by such a state of affairs? I find it hard to believe that this situation has the full support of the Camarilla, but the fact that it has not been disbanded indicates some silent consent to the situation. The same holds true for whatever ruling council might exist for the shapeshifters and mages.

The answer of "We were all friends before this, so we're remaining friends now," holds very little water, and does not account nor allow for any arrivals to court after that time.


Jerry Brown's office is giving me the runaround. Willie Brown's won't even take my calls. Have scheduled lunch this week with the city editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, perhaps things will improve, then. The San Francisco Guardian has promised some help, in return for the usual soft-soap in any of my articles. Did AP piece on death of an Oakland police officer early this morning and I'm completely zonked. Bedtime for Mattie.

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