Note for DST Players
This information is out-of-character unless one of the Storytellers tells you otherwise. And if they do, believe that I will go to them for confirmation.

The below was faxed from a 510 area code number to an international number with the prefix of 011-44. If you want more details, please ask Rey or Celeste, but understand that you must have already learned of this document through IC means.

Court of Contra Costa
Status Report, 3/4/99

A conclave has been called to investigate the death of the late Prince, Feld. One member of the conclave, a Mr. Thornton, came to the most recent court, to speak with the courtiers. During our conversation, he asked me about the possibility of Ezra Darke - Tremere - and Spirit Interface - lupine - being responsible for Feld's murder. Thornton cited their association with the court of Berkeley as a reason. Investigations have yielded slight hints of perhaps strange former associations for Ezra Darke, but nothing more.

An individual called Erin - clan unknown - has returned to the court, causing some disturbance. Nothing else is known about him.

Devon Ashmoor is still seeking information about his errant Sire, Lady Bartholomew. He has engaged Mattie Storin in this task - apparently because of her scant familiarity with English Kindred - England being where Lady Bartholomew is believed to be.

According to minority rumor, the presence of Mattie Storin - a so-called independent ghoul - has caused some alarm, but I've not seen much evidence of that alarm. I believe the kindred believe that if she becomes a tangible threat, she will simply be killed or Bonded.

Spirit Interface has declared that an infernal machine is responsible for a recent spate of murders of young women. His opinion carries weight within the court and courtiers have been investigating. Spirit has also stated that a recent fatal industrial accident - at a nearby oil refinery - was actually the manifest release of some evil spirits. The fact that several potent tomes of demon lore have been stolen from area libraries - reinforced by the opinion of Magus Marcus De Cantii - indicates that a serious user of demonological/black magick may be active in the area.

Research into Marcus DeCantii and his order continues. I was glad to hear that you had received the tape recording that had been sent. My investigation has been slowed by Thornton's presence and demands for investigation into Feld's death. The court seems very insouicant about having lost a Prince and manners are, if possible, even more lax beneath Prince Jeremy's rule. One hopes that he is merely showing the velvet glove.

There is some dissatisfaction about Theresita Giovanni - Ventrue - retaining her position as seneschal, despite her apparent anti-Camarilla activity in San Francisco recently. If possible, I may visit that city and research her further, but she has been forced further down my priority list.

More news as events warrant.

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