Note for DST Players
This information is out-of-character unless one of the Storytellers tells you otherwise. And if they do, believe that I will go to them for confirmation.

The below was faxed from a 510 area code number to an international number with the prefix of 011-44. If you want more details, please ask Rey or Celeste, but understand that you must have already learned of this document through IC means.

Court of Contra Costa
Status Report, 3/29/99

Riley has been returned to the court of Contra Costa, after being held by the Black Spiral Dancers for six weeks. I have a copy of a statement giving the details of a possible deal between the Prince of San Francisco and the Black Spiral Dancers for Riley's return. A copy of that document is at the end of this report.

Recently, there have been explosions at two local oil refinaries (one at each) and several courtiers, as well as the representatives of the Trinity, believe that not only are they connected, but they are a reflection of supernatural activity. Courtiers investigating this matter include Spirit Interface, Magus Marcus DeCantii, Prince Jeremy Archdeacon and several others.

The newly installed Prince seems to be hitting his stride, and is slowly learning ways to assert himself other than by shouting at his court. One assumes this is a good sign.

Prince Richard Tobler of Alameda has been affecting activities in Contra Costa. Prince Richard is a Nosferatu, and has taken the plight of Riley quite personally. It might have been his agitation that enabled Riley's release, especially if the statement below proves false. Prince Richard has been coping with problems of his own, including lupine aggression, the disappearance of the underworld contacts vital to kindred and others and Vannevar's continuing attempts to take over the greater Bay Area.

Vannevar has called a conclave to propose the possibility of one Prince over the Bay Area - naturally, it's needless to state the candidate he had in mind. The Justicars are cautiously receptive to the idea, it seems, but the other local Princes, naturally, fear for their hide. It seems that Vannaver has only recent recovered from a period of psychosis, and the other area Princes fear that he may backslide and slaughter anyone who stands in his way.

Prince Tobler has indicated his opposition to Vannever's proposal, but never in a context where he could be reliably quoted. I think he is trying to back both horses, unsurprisingly. Prince Jeremy, of course, is against the idea of assimilation by San Francisco.

The members of the conclave have taken to visiting the court of Contra Costa to gauge the waters and gain an idea of how Vannaver's ideas are being received. Contra Costa would ordinarily be considered a backwater court, and its opinion of no consequence, but the existance of the Trinity make it a critical factor in Vannaver's actions. No doubt the probability of retaliation from not only the kindred of the area, but the lupine and magii is something that has stayed any potential hostile takeovers.

I have obtained some information about the Mages' society - their version of our Traditions - and they will be included under a seperate cover.

Marcus DeCantii has apparently taken a personal interest in the ghoul, Mattie Storin, and has even offered her an apprenticeship within his order. Apparently, upon learning that such an apprenticeship would require turning her back upon the Camarilla, Ms. Storin refused the offer.

The fact that the attempt by a Magii to lure a ghoul away from the Camarilla might be a violation of the Trinity may not have occurred to Marcus DeCantii, and will be investigated. At the moment, my opinion of him has been revised. He is showing signs of being compulsively curious to the point of forgetting his own safety but, unsurprisingly, he is far more humane than most kindred within the Contra Costa Court.

Lady, a local Malkavian, and general den-mother to court neonates, has suddenly left court on an unspoken errand. The Toreador population has jumped - more than doubled in the past month. Investigations into infernal activities in the area are continuing, although the refinery explosions have apparently taken precedence.

Statement Upon The Return of Riley, Clan Nosferatu

Regarding this report, I have only the corroboration of a Gangrel who has now left the court, and a Nosferatu - Edgar - who has struck me as entirely untrustworthy - he is hankering for Riley's position by Dead Man's Boots, in my opinion. I have seen a copy of this report with a sworn statement of truth signed by the departing Gangrel, Jeremiah, but the copy I was given had his signature clumsily torn off. This statement must be taken with a grain of salt

Comments not in italics are my own.

Notes made night of 14 March 1999 while listening to a Brujah from Yerba Buena deal with a batch of BSDs (black spiral dancers - corrupt lupine) in West Pittsburg. Sarge (Brujah of SF who punished Theresita Giovanni, see previous report) was outside a gate and 9 - 12 BSD's were inside. One of them was known to me as the brother of Baneclaw.

Sarge mentions that he is looking for Riley [why? who sent him?]. BSD mentions that he (Sarge) is the second to come looking for Riley this night, a lady. Sarge mentions that he doesn't know who else may be looking but he was sent by Prince [Jeremy?]. Presents deal allowing BSD's safe passage through San Francisco. Indicates he has the authority to make this deal. Begins to give details of the CC court and members of the Trinity.
BSD says his boss [Baneclaw?] marinating [?] in Pit, also indicates that Riley is 'marinating', too.
Sarge calls his boss to get authority for the Free Travel deal. Says the Theresita problem has been taken care of. He indicates that the Riley for free passage through Yerba Buena Territory is accepted.
BSD wants Sarge to return later tonight. He must get his boss out of marination. He will meet Sarge at a place on Willow Pass Road later tonite.
At this point, Edgar and I left as quickly and as quietly as possible.

If the above statement is true, can it be deduced that Riley was handed to Sarge on the night of March 19th? If so, where was Riley between the 19th and the 29th? I believe the court of Contra Costa has overlooked this possibility - despite Jeremiah's statement being circulated, and I believe that Prince Richard will insist that it be investigated.

There is also the question of who really made the deal of safe-passage for corrupt lupine through San Francisco. Prince Richard of Alameda seemed far more concerned about Riley's situation than Prince Vannevar of San Francisco. Perhaps Prince Richard had some favor owed to him by Vannevar that was cashed in to create this deal? This is another matter that will be investigated.

More news as events warrant.

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