Note for DST Players
This information is out-of-character unless one of the Storytellers tells you otherwise. And if they do, believe that I will go to them for confirmation.

The below was faxed from a 510 area code number to an international number with the prefix of 011-44. If you want more details, please ask Rey or Celeste, but understand that you must have already learned of this document through IC means.

An eventful evening.

Edgar Hamilton, a minor Nosferatu, was found guilty of violating the Second Tradition, as well as witholding information (a more serious crime within the Nosferatu than with other clans) and was stripped of status and banished from the area. I think I am not alone in believing that he has not left the area. In similar news, Brian Flanagan of Clan Toreador has been similarly stripped and bloodhunt has been declared against him. The reasons were not stated publicly, but my sources tell me he attempted to Bond Prince Archdeacon.

I have obtained a copy of the treaty of The Trinity, and it follows under seperate cover. Several copies are circulating through the court as it was belatedly realized that letting the courtiers know what the rules actually are would help them toe the line. After reading the document and speaking with courtiers, it is my opinion that fear is holding this treaty together. Any of the adherents have the ability to make life extremely difficult for the other two factions - the mages are not as untouchable as they may seem - and I suspect that it's only fear of mutual destruction that is holding this shaky alliance together.

Marcus DeCantii has continued to burn bridges in a variety of ways, most recently by appointing the independent ghoul, Mattie Storin, as his proxy. This move managed to alienate the lupine representative and, if rumor be true, Mattie herself. He has also tried to recruit a local hedge-witch, Rebecca, to his magickal order. She has since been adopted by Spirit Interface - the lupine representative - as de-facto kinfolk. This was as great a surprise to her as the rest of the court. A popular theory is that Spirit has done this to get Rebecca away from Marcus' influence rather than for any reason of particular fondness for her.

Common rumor has it that Marcus DeCantii's position, and possibly his life, are in danger if his current behavior continues. It seems that the hidebound ways of a Hermetic Mage are a little too much for the vampires.

The Prince may be about to find himself in some hot water. It seems that the Prince gave a Malkavian, Elise, to the Black Spiral Dancers, in return for the Nosferatu John Riley. Elise was not a popular woman and had sworn that Archdeacon would die by her hand for his part in Feld's death - she believed Archdeacon responsible for death of the Prince who was her sire. The fact that Archdeacon may have been willing to swap her for a loyal and useful Nosferatu is not surprising. What was surprising is that Elise, while being tortured by the Black Spiral Dancers, somehow projected this experience to the other Malkavians in the court, thus blowing the lid off a scheme that Archdeacon, unsurprisingly enough, is trying to keep quiet.

Archdeacon's role in the fate of Elise and the return of Riley has not been confirmed, but my own investigation strongly suggests that was was suggested above is close to the truth. One wonders how the Prince of Alameda, a clan-proud Nosferatu, is going to think about Archdeacon's actions.

Other courtiers continue to investigate recent supernatural activity revolving around two local oil refinaries. The ecologically oriented lupine are, of course, most interested in this particular matter. The recent arrival of a Ventrue, Mr. Montgomery, who has some corporate involvement with Tosco refinery has set some irresponsible tongues to wagging. At this point, it seems that the court is reaching a new high in paranoia and looking to place significance behind every coincidence.

More news as events warrant.

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