Note for DST Players
This information is out-of-character unless one of the Storytellers tells you otherwise. And if they do, believe that I will go to them for confirmation.

The below was faxed from a 510 area code number to an international number with the prefix of 011-44. If you want more details, please ask Rey or Celeste, but understand that you must have already learned of this document through IC means.

Court of Contra Costa
Status Report, 5/3/99

Once again, matters are escalating.

Local politics are turbulent again, as accusations of consorting with the enemy of the lupine are being leveled at area Kindred, including the Prince. This will certainly prove to be a test of the Trinity. A few of my contacts are worried that the werewolves will make their own decision and take their own actions - which would almost certainly destroy the Trinity and possibly cause war.

One of my own hypotheses is that war is the ultimate goal of whoever is causing this unrest - the perpetrator is an opponent of the Trinity. Precisely who that may be is unclear, as opponents of the Trinty are a closed-mouth lot.

Other suspects include: Edgar - who was recently banished and may feel the need for veangance against Riley; the Prince - who may be fearing Riley as a popular man, and his ally Aaron, also; Spirit Interface - who has some outstanding issues with Riley. In other words, the court is behaving in a typical manner.

This episode should be interesting, as it may be a true test of the Trinity's strength. As noted before, I believe that only fear of war keeps the Trinity together - it is certainly not mutual respect or trust.

The mages have not escaped the disturbance. Marcus DeCantii's star is falling, following accusations attempted blood-theft by a ghoul in court, and the fact that while vampires are willing to tolerate hubris from their own, it is rarely welcomed from outsiders. Compounded with the arrival of a second Mage in court - supposedly to investigate Marcus - has made for turbulent times for Mr. DeCantii.

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