Mattie Storin



Journalist, researcher and professional ghoul.

Apparent Age



Windblown, but pretty. 5' 3", medium length brown hair, hazel eyes, 130lbs. Generally wears casual clothes but will dress up when it's appropriate.

Basic History

      Mattie Storin first rose to fame as a political correspondent for The London Chronicle, covering Francis Urquhart's ascension to the highest political office in the United Kingdom. Ms. Storrin's career was imperiled after she was injured in a grevious accident but, after several month's recovery, Ms. Storin joined
The London Times as a foreign correspondent. Since then, she has been travelling - usually within North America - and reporting on diverse matters within the United States and Canada.
      Ms. Storin is an independent ghoul, who will sell her services as a journalist, spin doctor, researcher and scholar of political maneuverings in return for vitae and respect. She has performed services for the courts of Chicago, Washington DC and Vancouver, amongst many others, and she hopes to continue to be of service to the kindred.
      For more information, please read House of Cards by Michael Dobbs, or watch the excellent BBC production of the same.


      Mattie is usually well-spoken, cautiously friendly and happy to make anyone's acquaintance. Her constant travelling means that she rarely forms deep attachments to anyone, but she will always fiercely defend a chosen ally - or vilify an enemy. She is habitually curious and has an ingrained enjoyment of politics - but she strongly prefers her spectator's point of view.
      If asked about her long-term goals, Ms. Storin will quickly reply that she intends to continue her status quo - travelling, writing and using her talents to advance the ends of the Camarilla. Most observers doubt that Ms. Storrin is being entirely forthright, as such plain goals cannot be satisfying, even for a ghoul...

Mattie Storin is part of Darke Silver Theater in Concord, CA.

Credit Where It's Due
Mattie Storin, in her proper form, was created by Michael Dobbs, in his novel House of Cards (available through Amazon UK). Johanna Mead - the player of this particular variant of Mattie - would like to thank him for creating such a compelling character.

Significant credit is also owed to Susannah Harker, who played Mattie in the BBC adaption of House of Cards. Ms. Harker gave a memorable performance and whenever I play 'my' Mattie, I will be in Ms. Harker's shadow.

Here are some pictures of Mattie Storin (Susannah Harker) and Francis Urquhart (Ian Richardson) from the BBC Production.

This is another fine picture of Ms. Harker, featured in the Irish Times in October, 1998.

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