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Conditions of Conditioning

Okay, I agree, I should be kicked for that title...

The triggers set within Mattie are fairly simple. The rigamarole that occasionally surrounds her movements is not, but that's another document....

Most of these trigger/responses revolve around the possibility of deadly force. Mattie's Domitor has spent enough time Conditioning her to be rather peeved if somebody killed her without asking. That's not to say he would save her if somebody asked, but he would prefer prior warning...

As with many post-hypnotic commands, Mattie isn't aware that they are there, and she isn't aware that she's delivered them. This could cause much stickiness.

Then she will simply say the phrase "I belong to Francis Urquhart, ancilla of London. You may wish to contact him, first." Of course, since she doesn't know she's saying this, damfool questions such as "Who the hell is Francis Urquhart?" will provoke some confusing answers and chaos will probably abound shortly thereafter. And, of course, this is all assuming she has the ability and time to spout that phrase.

If anyone attempts to Bond Mattie, or feed her their vitae and then wipe her memory of that event, then that runs contra to what Urquhart wants and (if I'm recalling my MET correctly) she may call on three disposable Willpower traits that exist only to fight situations that run contrary to her Conditioning.

Should any of these triggers be tripped, Mattie must then contact John Rhinehart - Urquhart's right-hand man, see below - as soon as possible and apprise him of the situation. Again, this is something she does not recall after the fact. If her report has to be made in person, Mattie may have her memory wiped, just to be sure, but that's a rather risky proposition, as you never know when you might take out too much, so it's not done too often. :)

Mattie is Conditioned to be a very proper little supporter of the Camarilla, as more ghouls get their heads ripped of for saying "The prince? Screw him!" in earshot of the wrong people than is usually supposed.

Mattie's leash is very long. As long as whatever she gets into cannot be interepreted as being within two steps of being a threat to Urquhart in London, then it's permissible. Fortunately, most of what Mattie gets into is threatening to Mattie, but not London. Over time, Mattie has developed a better sense of caution - well, most of the time....

Reports - Who, When, How, etc.

As mentioned before, Mattie believes - as does the rest of the world - that Francis Urquhart is dead, killed several years ago by an assassin. So how are her reports getting to him? And how is his blood getting to Mattie? Simple: through an intermediary.

Francis Urquhart has a thoroughly Bonded right-hand-man, a Ventrue named John Rhinehart, who handles a few delicate tasks. One of those tasks is Mattie. Mattie believes that Rhinehart is her London connection, who hires her to gather information from time to time, and pays her a lavish retainer. Incidentally, Mattie is using that retainer to pay for a nice apartment in London - I'm building a story around all this, you''ll get it later.

John is the one who Mattie faxes her reports to. When Mattie goes to London (about once every three months or so - current circumstances by Devon's hand are an exception), she usually meets with Rhinehart within a few days of her return, gives a full debrief, and gets a whack of vitae. Thanks to some mental jiggery-pokery, she's convinced that this vitae comes from a different source each time, honest, guv'nor. Rhinehart then passes the information to Urquhart. For convenience, Rhinehart may tape the conversation betwixt he and Mattie - and that also reassures Urquhart that he's not making things up. These tapes are not kept one whit longer than neccesary.

Every now and then, Rhinehart will magnamimously offer (and insist) upon testing a sample of Mattie's vitea, just to confirm to her that she has not been Bonded against her will. Of course, this is just a scam so that Rhinehart can ensure that Mattie's Bond to Urquhart is still intact, and that she doesn't have any weird boogums in her blood.

While Mattie is in London, she is closely watched by a variety of resources. The Ventrue and Nosferatu of London have an uneasy joint partnership in the ownership of several high-quality, fantastically discreet PI firms. One of their regular duties is to keep an eye on Mattie whenever she is in town. This is to ensure that she doesn't talk to anyone she shouldn't, and that no-one tries to mess with her. This is how Geoffrey Herbert got caught with her, in Anything But The Ghoul. The spy was watching Mattie, not Herbert...

Ironically enough, she believes she's an independent ghoul with all the vulnerabilities that entails, but she's actually a well-monitored - and occasionally, well-protected - individual.

It's very important that Mattie never attend the court of the Prince of London, because we all know how much vampires like to gossip. If Mattie got anywhere near the court, the cat would be out of the bag with alarming alacrity. This is another reason why Urquhart has been using her as an overseas correspondent. Fortunately, the court of London is much more straitlaced than these modern American courts, and it'll be a chilly day in hell when an "independent" ghoul is permitted within its confines.

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