Note for DST Players
This information is out-of-character unless one of the Storytellers tells you otherwise. And if they do, believe that I will go to them for confirmation.

Court of Contra Costa
Status Report, 2/19/99

A new Prince has been found. One Jeremy Archdeachon, of Clan Brujah. Theresita Giovanni remains seneschal. All other court positions - other than non-kindred liasons - have been dissolved.

Black Wolf - Gangrel - and John Riley - Nosferatu - are no longer keepers of Elysium.

Charges have been dropped against Spirit Interface, lupine emissary, regarding the murder of the former Prince, Feld. Spirit is now much concerned with administrating investigations by members in court, while protesting that he shouldn't have to be working so hard to find out what the courtiers are investigating, themselves. In my opinion, he is trying to learn what other courtiers know, under the guise of trying to prevent duplication of research. An unsubtle man.

Contact has been made with the new magii liason, Marcus D'Canti, of Berkeley. A record of that conversation follows under a seperate cover. My opinion of him is extremely guarded, pending further verification.

Contact is being maintained with the individuals mentioned in previous reports.

An English Toreador, by the name of Devon, seeks information about his rogue Sire. She may be England, albeit in hiding. Can you give any background about either party? He has made some grandiose, yet vague, promises of gratitude for her discovery. The purpose of his search is open to speculation. I have made some preliminary research in this area and in the United Kingdom, to little avail.

Ashley, a were-raven, continues to be a good source of information.

More news as events warrant.

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