Mercy - Euthanotos Mage


A magnetic loner, Mercy tries to live up to her name while maintaining a neccesary reputation for cruelty and mystery. The current situation which forces the Traditions and Technocracy to work together after having their numbers massacred by an alien threat has done nothing to calm her already tightly-strung nerves.

All characters live in an extensive horizon realm - Concordia - which includes the twin cities of Vrynn and Tertius. Mercy resides in the high-tech utopia of Tertius, and has just initiated what will be a very stormy relationship with a high ranking Vrynnian politician, Erich Newhope.

Champagne With The Enemy
Co-written with Rob M.
After a long night of unexpected work, Mercy receives an unexpected call from Erich Newhope. The question is, who's using who?

While journeying to the realm of the Hollow Earth, Mercy is left feeling a little awkward following an encounter with a Kommandant Straussman.

Memories - Flasback Number One
Fifteen years old, Mercy decides to take some independent action regarding an enemy of her chantry - much to the alarm of her mentor.

Love Voodoo - by Duran Duran
Just because I think it fits...

Another shameless media ripoff, Mercy is obviously Aeon Flux under another name. It's a brain candy game, so I'm having a lot of fun with a character that possesses the merits Animal Magnetism, Lucky, Ambidextrous and the flaws Manchurian Candidate and a compulsion to help others.

Mercy was part of a chronicle entitled Concordia Alliance, 2005, run by my friend Rob M.

Image of Miranda Richardson used without permission.