As you may recall, the short script featured some kind of ominous Doomsday device - love them as I do. Indeed it is a doomsday device, and the little sucker works by inducing miscarriage in all pregnant females within a certain radius - say, oh, a few thousand miles - and the blasted thing can be left on for years at a time, if needed.

How the thing works, I don't know or don't care. I may change the effect from causing miscarriages (wonderfully horrible and gruesome) to mere sterility, but that's no fun. Whatever, it's not important.

Symbol of the "Quick Fix" mentality. Press this button, and your enemies die before they're born - and you don't even have to see them. How tidy!



 He is a genius, and lifelong child of government research think-tanks. He's a moral coward ("I'm just a research scientist, application is not my affair"), a bit agoraphobic and quite unable to connect with anyone outside of the scientific community.

However, he is stronger than he gives himself credit for because, after conceiving of The Device, he then spent nearly twenty years carefully sabotaging the program so that the device was never-quite ready to use. But he never interfered so much that he would lose his research position and be forced into the real world. Shades of Oppenheimer, in a way, also? Life's work a horrifying thing...

 She is, of course, also a genius, and an ambitious one. Craves control over the faceless masses, however possible. Currently verging on a stereotype (meglomaniacal scientist) but what the hell, this is all rough.

This Device is her best option. She has perfected the Device, seeing through the Man's attempt to sabotage it. She believes that this item should be under her control, and damn Whatsisname's vague altruism.

 Both persons have proprietary feelings about The Device, for different reasons.

 The conflict between them is the old "right to create or destroy" conflict. The Device is controlled by the North American Federation, but you know how possessive inventors can be.

 Fear also motivates them both - fear of failure in their own goals and of someone else controlling the Device.


 NAF Population is over a billion and half - or some other staggering number. Overcrowding, unemployment and poverty are spinning out of control. Take today's situation and fuck the middle class over even more. (Shades of 20 Minutes into the Future?)

The President, of course, is nuts. A fake crisis - an outside threat - is created. The Device is going to be

blamed on that non-existent threat. "It wasn't us, honest! It was those mad Europeans!" (hm, may be too close to the truth. J ) "We're not killing anyone - we're protecting them. The speechwriters talk of legacies to our children, and their children." Overtones of eugenics?  

The conflict between the man and woman is the same as what's going on in the Central Presedium, in microcosm.


 Frees the unwashed masses from the burden of thought - that's pretty much happening right now as it is.

Current situation of the NAF allows the rise of a tyrant - history proves that.

Gender is going to be an issue, considering the effects of The Device. I'm torn between the urge to be a right bastard and making the prez female, and simply resisting the temptation to do same.


 Control of The Device belongs to neither of the above couple, and this fact is brought home to them when it becomes apparent that The Device is taken by the NAF President, apparently about to be used.

 So, now what? They can't just stare dumbly at each other - the Woman in particular is damned if she's going to let some halfwit politician decided the fate of unborn millions.

 So - these two are going to have to cooperate in retrieving The Device, for different reasons.

They don't like each other, and they don't like the other's reasons for wanting the Device, but they can agree that they (as elitist eggheads) don't want anyone else getting their hands on the thing.


Questions so far - because I haven't thought this out, much.

 How are they going to get this thing back?

Depending on their brains, natch. This is not an action movie.


What deadline are they under?

Oh, about 90 pages worth....


How can they cooperate - why not work separately and try to sabotage each other?

Because they want to keep an eye on each other , of course!


How is this effort going to change them, if at all.?

It better.


Hell, I don't even know if they are going to fail or succeed - or both.

Um, I don't know.,


And the government is not going to sit back and let this happen. How aware are they of opposition?

Their counters to the couple will depend on the couple's own methods.


And when/if this Device returns to the couple, then what?

They're certainly not going to walk off hand-in-hand into the sunset, that's for sure. This is something that should get resolved during the course of the search, or else it's going to get horribly sticky.



The story may be more interesting if The Woman, understanding the current political situation, steals the Device, rather than letting it be used by the Administration. The manís cooperation is coerced because he is her research partner, and knows her methods best - plus, the Admin may even be hoping that perhaps they can use him as a hostage for her good behavior. Itís a shame they donít understand how driven she is.

So, the man co-operates, not because he wants the Administration to control the Device, but because he wants to get close enough to destroy it. He has already secretly destroyed his notes, perhaps. But he must feign outward Administration loyalty until he gets close enough to the Woman. But the act wears thin, and the Administration suspects his motives - perhaps he is even betrayed by the Woman - who he had confided in - as an attempt by the Woman to delay her pursuers. QUESTION: Why is she concerned about delaying them? If she has the Device, why hasnít she used it? The answer may be as simple as the fact that the Device requires a specialized power source that she has to get to, or that she wants to affect a certain area and is travelling there. NEEDS WORK.

Act 2 is the film changing from a simple chase (Man and Admin after Woman) to a struggle between the Man and The Woman over the device - coming to the Ďright of controlí theme.