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I suppose I have to admit at this point that I'm a fan of a few movies or shows and, occasionally, I get ideas for stories based upon them. I sometimes deride this writing as 'popcorn', since I can't shake the feeling of cheating by using someone else's paradigm, but the fact is that it's darn fun, and I'm not going to stop!

David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers
(crossover with V:tM)

The Matrix
Sherlock Holmes/Pulp Fantasy
Most active archive at the moment.

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Go figure: Dead Ringers, The Matrix, Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, Torchwood and all associated bits and bobs are the copyrighted property of Somebody Else, who no doubt has access to Limey Eating Lawyers. It's all homage, I swear, and I'm broke as it is, so litigation will garner you nothing. If you want me to quit having fun with your children, just drop me a nicely worded letter and I shall send your babies home right away.

I'm just joking about the Limey-Eating bit. Really. I love lawyers. 
Usually in a light batter and flambéd just before serving, mind you...

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