Where Am I?

(Correspondence 1)

A basic one. By rolling this rote, a mage will ‘get their bearings’ and know precisely where they are. Coincidences can range from glancing at a map, to firing up the GPS system.

Getting There From Here or "Zenning It"

(Correspondence 1, Entropy 1 (optional)

Once the caster knows where they are, they can make a damn good guess how to get where they want to be, even if they’ve never been there before.

Perfect Landing

(Correspondence 1, Entropy 2 (optional))

This simple rote eases the difficulty of any difficult or complex athletic maneuver, including those undertaken in combat. The caster knows precisely where to come out of her roll, or the best spot to rebound from a tumble. Very handy for the hyper-coordinated Aeon-Flux stuff.

Each success obtained when casting this rote lowers the difficulty of all Athletics rolls for the remainder of the scene by one.

Battle Trance

(Entropy 1, Correspondence 1, Mind 1)

Enables a mage to keep track of multiple assailants. By keeping track of the location of all their assailants and maneuvering accordingly, this rote can prevent attackers from using their numerical superiority to their advantage. This can also be very disheartening for the attackers as their intended victim manages to apparently anticipate their movements and refuses to be overwhelmed. If this rote is combined with Multitasking and Numb, the results are truly awe-inspiring.

Good Shot / Well Aimed Throw

(Entropy 2, Correspondence 1)

Your basic put-the-bullet-or-knife-where-you-want-it rote.

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

(Entropy 2)

Controls the outcome of a simple game of chance – such as tossing a coin or rolling a dice.

Who Loaded the Dice?

(Entropy 1)

Simple rote to detect tampering (magickal or mundane) with the odds of entropy. Can detect physical or magickal tampering with the odds.

Watch Your Step

(Entropy 2)

Causes a target to stumble or be otherwise distracted by entanglement. Mercy usually just throws a handful of dice under the target’s feet for this one.


(Mind 1)

As per the Virtual Adept rote. Gives the caster the ability to perform multiple tasks without splitting dice pool – one additional task per success, per scene.

I’ll put it in my Palm Pilot

(Mind 1)

Casting this rote enables the mage to memorize a piece of information. The usual coincidence is named in the rote.

Say Ahhh

(Life 1)

A short medical examination that lets the Mage know the target’s state of health, if there are any chronic conditions or injuries present, etc.

Sense Magic

(Prime 1)

A basic rote to detect magickal beings.

Where is…?

(Entropy 2, Correspondence 1, Prime 1 (optional))

One of Mercy’s signature rotes. All is needed is a map and a pointing device – such as a pin – although Mercy uses a die. A mage can try to locate a person or item by rolling a die upon a map. Where the die lands is the most likely location of the thing being sought. This rote can be performed on successively more detailed maps, to pinpoint a location. If the item or person sought is magickal, then Prime 1 will help.

Stim Patch – Type 1

(Life 1, Mind 1)

As per Stim Patch 2, but this enables a Mage to ignore wound penalties for one round per success. This does not increase a person’s STA score, as per Stim Patch 2.

Future Rotes

Putty In My Hands

(Mind 3)

Mercy’s favorite rote when trying to persuade a stubborn individual. This rote is cast while trying to sweet talk an opponent. Each success gives an extra die to the apt Social roll being made (if any) or otherwise makes the target far more receptive to the caster’s point-of-view

Stim Patch 2

(Life 2 or 3)

This is a simple slap-patch that, when donned, can increase the wearer’s stamina for a short time.

Each success in this rote increases the wearer’s STA score (including soak) by one for the next three turns.

Instant Adrenaline

(Life 2 or 3)

As per Stim Patch, but this rote affects the wearer’s STR score.

Trauma Patch

(Life 2 or 3)

A large fibrin-impregnated patch, such as used by paramedics, to close gashing wounds. May be used to heal self or others of injuries.

Press The Right Buttons

(Mind 2, Life 1)

Useful for persuading or seducing obstinate people. When this rote is performed, the caster can observe the immediate affects of their actions – is the target pleased, angry, aroused – and adjust their own actions accordingly. Very similar to Putty In My Hands.

Depth of knowledge gained depends on the success of the roll.


(Life 3)

Aggravates an existing wound and prevents blood from clotting and healing the wound. Such a rote can cause a person to bleed to death if not countered.

Euthanasia / Sleeping Pill

(Life 3)

A little white pill with massive affects. Sleeping Pill puts the target to sleep for as many hours as successes on the roll. Euthanasia, as you might guess, puts a person to sleep and they never wake up.

Get Lost!

(Mind 3, Correspondence 1)

The mage can give the target some very bad directions, severely disorienting them and, if needed, sending them in an entirely opposite direction than they intended. A severe version of this rote can be used to dizzy or disorient an opponent (very handy if they’re trying to attack you).

Stun Gun

(Life 3, Prime 2?)

A quick way to give a person a nasty, Aggravated, jolt with a simple stun gun.


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