Rachel DuNoir.

An acquisition of the Assamite Clan shortly after the Second World War, Rachel has led a precarious existence. An accident of her Embrace left her Caitiff, but she became a willing thrall to her sire's clan. Despite the pessimism of her elders, Rachel quickly proved how useful a Caitiff spy could be, especially one who's loyalty was beyond question - or at least, it was until she arrived in the court of Alameda...

A second picture and a third (both taken from The World Is Not Enough). And, for sheer silliness - Rachel as a Jyhad card. And because there's no such thing as too silly, here's Paul Viersan as a Jyhad card. And another picture of Paul Viersan

1998 - 2000

Game Pieces
Rachel joins the Cold War and decides to do things her way when she is ordered to smuggle a defector from East Berlin to Britain.

Re-edited in June, 1999.
How a Caitiff can survive in a Camarilla city by playing both sides against each other and walk away, if not laughing, then at least alive and intact - even if it does require making deals with old enemies...

Meeting In The Night
The first meeting between Marlena Whittaker and Rachel DuNoir. The beginning of a beautiful - and productive - friendship. Co-written with Jennifer B.

Never Piss Off The Wrong People
Where Rachel learns that paying off old favors can lead into new trouble. A fun, espionage-themed adventure. (Warning: incomplete until I can rescue the rest of the source file or until my GM finds his hard-copy of it).

Rachel and Paul
Re-edited in June, 1999. September 2005
The stories of Rachel DuNoir and Paul Viersan - the closest thing Rachel has to a nemesis - are about how a woman, who usually has brains and good sense, can repeatedly screw herself over. Don't expect a lot of character development, but do expect a lot of involuted - my critics call it coy - dialogue and a large amount of strange vampire sex (is there any other kind?)
This contains sex, violence and other situations you have already encountered if you're an adult. If you can't deal with that, then don't read this.
A picture of Paul Viersan

The Worst Night
Co-written with Rob M.
Rachel's wedding night goes horribly awry when an enemy of her husband shows just how long he can wait for revenge...
Warning! Even though I'm one of hte authors on this, it grosses me out, as it contains rape, torture and associated nastiness.

Plus le change...
Rachel's character comes full circle, but not of her own choice. This story features Rachel's sire, Mahmoud Levant.

Starting Over (2001 - 2006)

Pure brain candy, these are little tales that demanded they be written, following the trials and tribulations of Rachel after the end of Bedlam's Rest. But is it really Rachel?

An example of how much things can change - picture of Yvette and Paul.

Yvette Collier awakens with no idea of who she is or how she got to be in Denver...

Part One
Yvette, amnesiac and alone, struggles to survive as best she can, and meets with a man who evokes a sense of the familiar. Is Paul Viersan part of her lost memory?

Part Two
A chance encounter - a random mugging - has sweeping consequences for Yvette and her mentor.

Part Three
Unable to cope with two lives within her mind, Rachel believes that there is only one way to save herself from insanity.

Part Four - Interlude
Not as gratuitous as it once was, as after the characters mutinied, I beat them down with a stick and forced them to do what I think is best.
Set about ten months after Part Three, Paul and Yvette get a little drunk and almost give in to something that could destroy them.

Part Five - A Private Moment
Paul Viersan has a moment to collect and examine his thoughts. Paul's POV, journal-style.
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Part Six - Not a Dress Rehearsal
Paul Viersan is forced to admit that his control of Yvette is not as complete as he believed. In fact - to his immense surprise - his and Yvette's roles have been reversed and there's only one way to go from here..
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Part Seven - Turning Point
Rachel DuNoir's past has an unexpected - and dangerous - effect on Yvette. However, Paul's reaction to the situation startles Yvette even more...

Part Eight - (Un)timely Chivalry
Much to her annoyance, Yvette finds herself in need of rescue - although she gets rather annoyed at her rescuer, too. This is also a crossover/fan-fiction piece for a genre so silly, I'm too embarrassed to name it here. Just read it and you'll figure it out.
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Part Nine - Ultimatum(s)
Yvette receives an unpleasant surprise from the hands of her domitor - and hands one right back to him in return.
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Part Ten - Unexpected Journey
Yvette finds herself in unanticipated straits, from an unexpected side.
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Part Eleven - Bound and Bound
Paris and Paul leave Yvette breathless - literally.
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Part Twelve - Departure
Hell breaks loose in Berlin - or close enough to it by Yvette's standards. By the time the dust settles, everything must change.
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Part Thirteen - Not Quite A Reunion
Yasmin encounters a familiar face in London. But appearances aren't what they seem. (Crackfic, srsly).

Piece missing and presumably long gone. The upshot of it was that Yasmin told Paul that she wouldn't accept the Embrace from Paul, but she would from his Sire. She believed it would put them on a more-equal footing. As if.

Several years after Not Quite A Reunion, Yasmin has a meeting with Paul Viersan's sire, the Prince of Berlin.

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