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This is one of those written-during-a-dull-afternoon lists. This one is a collection of movies, books and songs that I think are very appropriate for White Wolf's Vampire. You've probably heard of a lot of these, but if I introduce you to something new, then this list's purpose has been fulfilled. I've included some comments with the books/movie/tv selections, but I think the songs are pretty self-explanatory.

Blatantly Obvious Songs
Vampires – Pet Shop Boys
Transylvanian Concubine – Rapsutina
Bloodletting – Concrete Blonde
Blood Makes Noise – Suzanne Vega
Moon Over Bourbon Street - Sting
Blame It On Caine – Elvis Costello
Masquerade – Berlin (you know the guys at WW were listening to this one while writing 1st edition)
Insanity – Oingo Boingo
Dark Wine & Roses – Cecilia Eng

Not Quite So Obvious Songs
Low Red Moon – Belly
Blood Sings – Suzanne Vega
Dogma – KMFDM
Halbermensch – Einsturzende Neubaten
Sister Moon – Sting
Mother – The Police
American Psycho – Treble Charger
White Wedding – Billy Idol
Speak of the Devil – Chris Isaak
Thin Man – Suzanne Vega
Whip In My Valise – Adam and the Ants
Press Darlings – Adam and the Ants
Missionary Man – Eurythmics
Dangerous – Depeche Mode
Master And Servant – Depeche Mode
Be My Icon – Duran Duran
So Misled – Duran Duran
Eyes Wide Shut – the entire soundtrack
Reptile – Nine Inch Nails
Happiness In Slavery – Nine Inch Nails
Loser – Beck
Mars – Holst
Peekaboo (title?) – Siouxsie and the Banshees
Lullaby – Wang Chung
Dragula – Rob Zombie
I Won’t Share You – The Smiths

Obvious Movies
Lost Boys - the one that inspired the WW guys, or so legend has it.
Near Dark - Pure Sabbat!
The Hunger - More ambiance than substance but, oh boy, what ambiance!
Interview With A Vampire - but only if you have to. Toreador prettiness, but not much else.

Not So Obvious Movies
Dangerous Liasons - politics and prettiness
Dead Ringers - descent into madness, anyone?
The Game - manipulation of an individual on a grand scale. Perhaps more fitting for Mage games?
Fight Club - tell me you haven't thought of playing a Malkavian based upon Jack...
Pulp Fiction - Brujah archetypes and some crisp dialogue. Good ambiance.
City on Fire - Good ambiance and character.
A Better Tomorrow - Ditto.
Silence of the Lambs - A fine example of insanity without it being 'looney toons'
King of New York - Great, if dated, ambiance. Fabulous Brujah/Ventrue characters.

House of Cards (1990 British series) - Machiavellian politics, dark humor. Ventrue all over.
WWF Wrestling - This is how Brujah do politics. Pay attention to the backstories.
Angel - So angsty! So pretty! So Toreador! 
...and even Kindred: The Embraced has its moments... 

The Anne Rice Chronicles (if you have to, ditto for Poppy Z. Brite)
Dune - only the first novel, for the complexity and inspiration for political layering.
The Midnight Blue books. 
All the history books you can lay your hands on – it’s hard to be an ancient vampire if you don’t know history!

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