Random Characters
    These are character summaries and histories, free for the taking by any player or GM that is looking for quick game fodder. They are sorted by those I have played and those I haven't. The new characters will have at least a little background written for them, with some suggestions for stats - even full character sheets, if I have time to put them together. The previously played characters will have a link back to the page I've already built for them.
     If you are a GM or player in a game with Johanna, and a character is marked with an asterisk, please talk to me before using this character, as it's one I would like to play (as PC or NPC), if given the chance. It's not the end of the world if you cast another player in the role, but I would like first dibs, if it's possible. Yeah, it's greedy, I'm selfish. Cope.
     If you use one of these characters, please e-mail me to let me know. I'm curious to see which characters pique your attention. :)

New Characters

*Renee Alçon - Vampire
Concept: Writer, egotist, serial killer. Moves from city to city writing features about night-life and occasionally leaving a body or two behind her. She's baffling the profilers because 95% of all serial killers are male.
Summary and Statistics - Version One
Version Two - An experimental pastiche of Diana and the first version of Renee.

Gently - And Not-so-Gently - Used Characters

Svetlana Yemerov - Vampire
Clan: Toreador (or Assamite, depending upon how liberal the ST is)
Concept: "Black Widow" - Russian spy/whore/assassin, Embraced during the Cold War and now striking out on her own 

Mary Wingrove-Graves
Clan: n/a - Ghoul (although since I've been playing her, she has been Embraced Ventrue - whoops!)
Concept: a diamond dealer who has been involved in the business since Rhodes went to Africa. Mary is willing to hand over a significant amount of her significant income to the kindred, in return for vitae. A very business-like woman, with a secret she strives hard to keep.

Adriana Taylor - Vampire
Clan: Follower of Set
Concept: Political lobbyist. Encourages humans to corruption by tempting them to abuse their authority and position. Unsurprisingly, she has a lot of ties to the oil and chemical lobbies...

Robin - Werewolf
Glasswalker, Ahroun (or, if you have an insane GM, White Howler)
Concept: Reluctant Garou, adopted at an early age by non-kinfolk. Currently living as a runaway in Sydney, Australia. Fighting off the first change, which has occurred late in her life. She is fated to do great things, whether she likes it or not.

Rebecca Logsdon - Vampire
Clan: Tremere
Concept: Adventurer Archeologist. Think "Lara Croft" with more character depth. A fun flavor-NPC. Just use the basic Tremere file and the 100 Questions as your launching point.

Diana Worthington
Clan: Malkavian
Concept: Adopted by a Malkavian when she was just an infant, Diana thought growing up to be a vampire was the most natural thing in the world... Regressive lunatic suffering from compulsive honesty.

Sarah Donner - Human (Project Twilight)
An ordinary human - a coroner for the FBI - who has encountered Kindred several times, usually to her detriment. A good NPC or character for Project Twilight/Delta Green type games. Very intelligent, very humane.

Elena DiCambara DiFiori 
7th Sea Fate Witch
Concept: reasonably generic, except for the incest. Go read the background.

Kumla Storyseeker - Werewolf
Tribe: Silent Strider, Galliard
Concept: An established member of the garou, Kumla collects stories of adventure and caution to pass on amongst her kind.

Miriam El-Suufi - Human (Mummy: The Resurrection)
Concept: A member of the Cult of Isis, with some ties to the Ashuhki Corporation. Miriam heeds signs and omens that enable her to find the recently arisen tem-akh who need assistance to return to the Web of Faith to undergo the Spell of Life. Given that a hajjrite can sometimes be very confused and combative - particularly if it is one destined to join the Sefekhi - her duty is not without its risks

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