Rebecca Logsdon.


Rebecca is an avid archeologist, occultist and golfer - in that order. Strangely enough, golf changed her life when a campus eccentric at her school asked her if she would mind caddying at night...

Rebecca is of the Lara Croft/Indiana Jones school of Tremere and she was great fun to play in the LARP Bedlam's Rest. Some time after that, she joined CAST which was a hoot until I realized that she's better suited for tabletop play.

Pictures of Rebecca's sire.


Tremere file.
The official description of Rebecca according to the Tremere files.

Rebecca's Sire
Pictures of Rebecca's sire, with full credit given to all concerned.

Character defining moments. Too short to even call 'vignettes'.

Too Much Information
I answer the infamous 100 Questions for Rebecca. This is probably far more information than you'd ever want about her....

Bedlam's Rest - 1999 - 2000

The Bedlam's Rest Correspondence
Letters written by Rebecca to her Sire, while I played Rebecca in a particular chronicle.

Goodbye/Hello Again

All good things have to come to an end. In May of '00, I decided to leave Bedlam's Rest, and this is Rebecca's final letter from the Alameda court to her sire. Adobe Acrobat file, not HTML.

Rebecca has a very bad dream. Actually, this is based off a dream I had, in character - an interesting experience. PDF Acrobat file. Trigger warning: rape. Part of the Bedlam's Rest Continuity.

Co-written with Rob M. of Bedlam's Rest.
In the aftermath of Nightmare, Rebecca avoids her chantry leader, Alexander Merette, rather than talking to him about her doubts and fear - not realizing that such avoidance would force a shocking confrontation. Adobe Acrobat file, not HTML.

CAST - 2002

I briefly played Rebecca in another larp, before deciding that she's not really cut out for traditional Camarilla-setting LARPs- she's too action oriented and has far more to do between courts than during them. However, an opportunity arose to revive the character, at least for a while, in CAST's online forums, when the game went 90% online in late 2005. Of course, that produced some fodder for writing...

Dirt Under My Fingernails
Rebecca's LiveJournal. Notice that she finally completed her PhD!

The picture of Rebecca is actually the actress Eliza Dushku. Yes, I know it's ironic that I'm using a picture of a slayer for my vampire character - but you can't deny that she kicks ass!

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