Dear Boss,

        Was it just two months ago that I complained about being bored? Your warning of being careful what I wished for came through in spades.
        Since my last letter, I'm now tangled with lupines, Asian vampires (called Cathayans, and bad news all over) and some snake-worshiping cult that is not related to the Settites, but I'm sure they'll be joining in sooner or later.
        And to top it all off, some idiot sent a pack of assassins after the Prince during court. You would think that, if a person wanted to murder his opponent, he'd try to get the guy alone - or at least not entirely surrounded by his supporters. I admit, I rather hoped it would thin the Toreador ranks - who now hold all court positions - but there was no such luck. I know I should stay out of politics, but it bloody irks me to hear courtiers snipe about the 'proliferation of Tremere' when we're about as threatening as the damned chess club. It seems that this court is making the mistake of assuming the Toreador are harmless - even when they're in control. I think time will prove them wrong soon enough.
        Given the courtiers worry of our clan's 'abundance', all the courtiers are only too eager to talk to us now - but it's only because they're trying to figure out where to stick the knife. Even the Harpy - a Toreador so fastidious you could cut paper with the creases in his pants - was trying to ingratiate himself with me the other night. The poor sod didn't know what he was letting himself in for, though, and now he's promised to let me teach him how to golf. One way or another, I will get a decent golf partner!
        By the way, I need your advice on security procedures. I've been caught with my pants down thrice now and that's enough. Getting my head caved in by a would-be kidnapper is a hell of an incentive to learn better protocols.
        I've not been hearing anything from the Seattle Chantry, lately. I think Merrette is probably sitting on any news from them, to stop me from looking backwards too much. I understand the reasons - if that's the case - but I would like to know what happened with that little dust-up that we both know was brewing. Do you know anything about it?
        What's this about a new course of study you mentioned? I can remember half a dozen things you said you were going to get to 'one of these days', but never did. Can I at least hope that you've continued to study the Toppenish - to spare yourself being assigned another assistant, if naught else?
        I'm afraid I haven't been able to find much on that subject you asked me about in your last letter. It seems that all the books on demonology are kept on reserve and I haven't got the strongest reasons to be checking them out. Give me a couple more days to devise a story, and then I can take a look. I wouldn't really worry, but if I don't give Lily a more robust reason than "Oh, just curious", she may mention it to Merrett, and you mentioned you wanted me to be discreet. It's a shame our little place doesn't have much in the way of resources outside of it's speciality, but I was surprised to hear Seattle didn't have any help for you either.
        Well, I can't sit here writing all night, I've been press ganged into a number of tasks for our dear Prince, and I have to put in my pound of flesh for the night.
        If things ever quiet down, I'll see if I can get permission to take a weekend off and come visit. Especially if I manage to dig up something for you.


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