Mandatory Questions

1.What about you is heroic?
My loyalty to a given cause. I can be fiercely loyal to my allies, and will sometimes go beyond the bounds of good sense to protect them.

2. What about you is social? What do you like about people?
I like my fellow man's unending thirst for knowledge and new experience. I'm always looking to learn new things anything and that keeps me in frequent contact with others. I like to share what I have learned, and hopefully prevent others from making mistakes I have made in my time. I like our gregarious natures and usual willingness to help each other in dire situations, despite personal feelings otherwise.

3. Of what benefit could you be to the current group?
Smart as a whip and almost as strong! Good book learning, combined with insatiable curiosity makes me a natural investigator for the group. My usually outgoing nature makes me a handy diplomat/face man for the group with others.

4. Why would you choose to join the current group?
I'm assuming that 'group' means chantry in this case. Their broad knowledge base means they have a lot of new skills and information to offer. The clan in this area needs a lot of help establishing itself, and as an unconventional Tremere, I can present a face that might be palatable to the usual Tremere-distractors. There are enough good schools in this area to enable me to continue working towards my PhD, should things ever get dull.

5. Invent an adventure/plot that your character would actively undertake (as opposed to just tagging along)?
If she were to discover that someone was looting an archeological site, or trying to swindle unwitting owners of precious artifacts in their possession, Rebecca would stop at nothing to change the situation.

Personal Questions

1. What is your real, birth name? What name do you use?
Rebecca Jessica Logsdon. Usually just 'Rebecca Logsdon' sometimes I use the middle initial, but not often.

2. Do you have a nickname? What is it, and where did you get it?
My parents called me Becky, but I'll kill anyone else who does. I suffered the usual 'Indiana Jones' jokes, but no nicknames.

3. What do you look like? (Include height, weight, hair, eyes, skin, apparent age, and distinguishing features)
Well, allowing for the LARP aspect of this character: Athletic, petite brunette. Short brown hair, hazel eyes, slender build. Smile lines and a few worry wrinkles. Tattoo of the eyes of Horus on my back legacy of belonging to a frat. Apparent age is 25 - 27.

4. How do you dress most of the time?
Comfortably and casually. Pants and short sleeved shirts with a sweater and jacket if I'm going on a dig. Usually khaki pants that archeologist stereotype! or jeans.

5. How do you "dress up?"
I have one long skirt in my closet, and it smells strongly of cedar as does the white dress blouse that goes with it. Dressing up means wearing skirts and impractical shoes, and putting on makeup.

6. How do you "dress down?"
Jeans that have been to too many digs holes at the knees and older shirts. Clean, but not presentable to university faculty well, not the tenured professors.

7. What do you wear when you go to sleep?
A satin camisole loose and long, knee length.

8. Do you wear any jewelry?
Rarely. When I do, it's usually a necklace of some minor archeological artifact, or native American jewelry. The exception would be the Eye of Horus necklace I have, which is a keepsake from my high school days. The only time I wear rings is if they're part of a ritual, or if I'm trying to make a point such as with my Camarilla signet ring (married to the sect).

9. In your opinion, what is your best feature?
My tenacity and unwillingness to quit when the going gets tough.

10. What's your real birth date?
August 10th, 1965.

11. Where do you live? Describe it: Is it messy, neat, avant-garde, sparse, etc.?
Two residences. One is my apartment in the Tremere Chantry a suite of rooms for research and rest. Those are kept fairly neat, although the work room is lined with whiteboards that are constantly covered in nigh-indecipherable notes. There are also piles of books and an always-on workstation in that room. Rebecca's sleeping area is the only slightly messy the laundry hamper is usually overflowing, and the pile of books on her desk grows and wanes erratically.
The second residence is my private house that I keep for entertaining my herd and when I just wants to get away from the clan for a bit. It's a small one-bedroom place, and it's kept quite neat simply by virtue that Iím rarely there more than one night a week. There are a few dirty clothes in the bedroom, a shelf of popular books in the living room and some perishables in the fridge to make it look lived in.
I like to decorate with prints by Ansel Adams and self-made collages of hieroglyphics and other oddities.

12. Do you own a car? Describe it.
Until recently, a two-door black compact with a decent engine. However, that's getting traded in for a sedan with more oomph, but not so flashy as to be obvious. Probably a high-end Toyota., but still black. I like black cars. As long as it can go, and go quickly, I don't care what it is. I also have a battered station wagon for use on digs, but it's been sitting unused at the chantry, lately.

13. What is your most prized mundane possession? Why do you value it so much?
My photo album. Because of who I am, I don't have contact with my family very much in fact, I haven't seen them in the past year and this is my only way to see them. Fortunately, my mom sends me photos every now and then, but it's not like being there.

14. What one word best describes you?

Familial Questions

1. What was your family like?
Wonderfully white bread. Dad worked, mom stayed at home. Very peaceful and loving.

2. Who was your father, and what was he like?
My father is Jeffrey Logsdon, who was an insurance investigator. He's a very methodical man, patient and his detractors would say plodding. But he has a quick mind, as his career demands it's just hidden beneath a very good poker face. He was always good to me, but sometimes his work would take him away for weeks at a time. He retired last year, and keeps himself busy as an occasional consultant to his old employers and helping mom in the garden.

3. Who was your mother, and what was she like?
My mother is Amanda Logsdon. She met my father when she was at the local community college, trying to figure out what to do with her life. She felt obligated to try to improve herself, but her nature really does loan itself to being a stay-at-home mom. I think she was a bit relieved when she fell for Dad. She's patient, thrifty, loving, patient, imaginative and did I mention patient? She likes to talk, but won't talk just for its own sake. She would do volunteer work in the neighborhood to give herself something outside of the house to do, and she enjoyed that very much.

4. What was your parents marriage like? Were they married? Did they remain married?
As far as I can tell, the marriage is very good. I remember a lot of shouting when I was young four or five years old but they won't talk about that time. From overheard comments, I think my mom accused my father of fooling around, but I don't know if that's true. I know I can't believe it of my dad but who ever believes that of their parents. They are still married, and have been for 35 years.

6. When's the last time you saw any member of your family? Where are they now?
About a year ago, I made a flying day trip back to see them. Well, they remember it as a daytrip. Mom and dad have chosen to stay near Seattle, because of the consultations my Dad does, but Mom is agitating for a less rainy climate, and I think she'll win, eventually.

7. 'Did you ever meet any other family members? Who were they? What did you think of them?
I have a few aunts, uncles and cousins scattered across Washington state, but I haven't seen them since I went away to college. I don't really have an opinion of them, as they don't really feature in my world view.

Childhood Questions

1. What is your first memory?
Learning how to buckle shoes. I had a pair of red leather shoes, with a double buckle on them that were quite small and I had a heck of a time handling them.

2. What was your favorite toy?
Crayons and lots of paper.

3. What was your favorite game?
Board game: Clue try to find out whodunnit.
Play-with-kids-game: bulldog basically a pursue-and-sack exercise for kids. Very physical and sometimes oddly political.

4. Any non-family member adults stick out in your mind? Who were they, and how did you know them? Why do they stick out?
Jenny she was the daughter of some friend of my parents. I think her father's name was Robert. When he came to visit, she'd often come with him I don't know why and she was usually extraordinarily patient with my and my not so subtle attempts to get attention very unusual for a sixteen year old. She would play with me and listen to my no-doubt uninspiring conversation and I thought she was the epitome of cool. She was a teenager (gasp!) and fun to play with (double gasp!).

5. Who was your best friend when you were growing up?
Kate Horton. We were in the same classes for 1st through 6th grades, and we were always getting into trouble together. We both had a bit of tomboy in us, and quite often looked out for each other on the schoolyard.

6. What is your fondest, childhood memory?
Winning the 4th grade spelling bee. I felt like I was the queen of the world and my classmates weren't quite old enough to consider me an insufferable swot.

7. What is your worst childhood memory?
When my pet cat, Jet, died. I was quite little and didn't have a grasp of the death thing until that happened. She was a patient beast most cats would flee a toddler and very affectionate. I missed her horribly for a long time.

Adolescent Questions

1. How old were you when you went on your first date?
An actual honest-to-gosh date, not just 'hanging out with a guy' 16. We went to play miniature golf and I beat him into the ground. He didn't know that I could play real golf, and I didn't know that i= t didn't make a teenaged guy feel very good to be beaten by his date.

2. It is common for one's view of authority to develop in their adolescent years. What is your view of authority, and what event most affected it?
Authority should usually be respected, but not blindly so. Most of the time, the one in authority achieved that position by being a competent, trustworthy individual. However, be intelligent and discerning enough to judge those in power above you, and whether or not they deserve your trust. If they aren't a fit authority figure, do what you can to alleviate your situation. My father taught me this by being a benevolent, but firm, leader. I'm comfortable with authority figures usually as long as I know I can trust them.

3. What were you like in high school? What "clique" did you best fit in with?
Ah, that would have been the tomboyish-read-too-much clique. We were pretty social with each other, and would occasionally make forays into other social groups, with variable success. Several of us were pranksters which we exercised by pushing the limits of authority, usually. "If you stay within the rules, you can get away with anything" was one of our credos. We were pretentious and a bit elitist, but happy happier than most, I think, because were honest with ourselves.

4. What were your high school goals?
Get good grades, get into a good college and get cute Tom Sampson into a utility closet. Two out of three ain't bad.

5. Who was your idol when you were growing up? Who did you first fantasize about in your life?
When I was quite young, I thought Nancy Drew was the smartest woman on earth. When I got a bit older, I dallied with Katherine Hepburn for a while and settled on Margaret Mead and Joseph Campbell.

6. What is your favorite memory from adolescence?

My 17th birthday party. My parents arenít usually too keen on having a million kids over, but they allowed me to pull out the stops for that day. Given my small social circle, it was only about twenty five others, but Iím sure it felt like a million to them. For once, my friends and I werenít upset over some internal politics, and we were all getting along well. It was a good time of hanging out with each other, talking about our future plans Ė most of us were going on to college Ė and it was on this day that a letter arrived from the University of Washington offering me a scholarship that enabled me to avoid taking out any loans. It was one of those Ďthe world is my oyster and this is going to last foreverí moments.

7. What is your worst memory from adolescence?
Packing up and leaving home to go live in the dorms at college. Admittedly, I wasnít going far from home, but I hadnít tried living on my own before, and I was scared. Part of me wanted to run back into my old bedroom and pull the sheets up over my head. The other part of me was wielding a sharp stick and telling me to get on with my life Ė you can guess which half won.

Occupational Questions

1. Do you have a job? What is it? Do you like it? If no job, where does your money come from?
Before Embrace: My parents and scholarships were able to carry most of my college expenses. The rest was made up by caddying at the local country club. I liked the work, actually, as the tips were great, and the exercise got me out of my dorm room and I got to play on a course that I could never afford, otherwise. Sometimes I would help out at the campus library, but that was on an 'as-needed' basis and paid very poorly.
Post Embrace: Now I work for the clan. I'm given a retainer and full room and board for the research and field activities I undertake. Lately, I've invested some money in some blue chip stocks stuff that is very secure, and the clan has a very aggressive investment policy for those who feel like taking a flutter which I have, but not with the largest part of my savings.

2. What is your boss or employer like? (Or publisher, or agent, or whatever.)
Before Embrace: Leonard Olson Len was the manager of the course I caddied at and he was alright. He was a bit of prig and spent most of his time fretting about the club's reputation and sucking up to the members. We did our best to ignore each other, as I don't think he entirely approved of female caddies like I might have been a gold-digger chasing after the members or something, but he never seemed to mind my male buddies fawning all over the few women golfers the club had.
Post Embrace: I didn't really have a boss other than my sire, and, of course, we got along very well. Now that I'm down in Alameda, I'm getting along alright with my current boss, Alexander Merrett, but we're still getting to know each other. So far, he meets my qualifications for deserving my respect and his own authority, but we've only been working together for a few months.

3. What are your co-workers like? Do you get along with them? Any in particular? Which ones don't you get along with?
Just post embrace, now: I get along with most of them, but so many of us are specialists that I think we're all getting used to being around each other. I particularly like Ian Yamada as he seems closest to me in attitude and temprament, and I'd like to get to know Lily better, but she's so shy. She's what I might have turned out to be if I didn't have a healthy dose of fieldwork and the sire I did. Tusk, the chantry gargoyle, irritates me. I know he has a use especially after he helped capture my would-be attackers but the fact that he requires supervision like a toddler I find very distracting and therefore annoying.

4. What is something you had to learn that you hated?
That so many people will call you a friend and then sell you out. That I have to ask myself "What's in it for this guy?" when somebody approaches me.

5. Do you tend to save or spend your money? Why?
I tend to save it, because my own material needs are few, but expedition costs have a nasty way of spiraling out of control and you never know when you're going to need a was of US dollars to grease the locals' palms.

Likes & Dislikes Questions

1. What hobbies do you have?
Reading, playing golf, shooting pool, shooting guns and some computer games.

2. Who is your closest mundane friend? Describe them and how you relate to them.
Alas, I have no mundane friends at the moment. Freakish, but true.

3. Who is your worst mundane enemy? Describe them and why you don't get along.
Again, I don't really have any mundane enemies at the moment. I guess they're all still getting my change of address sorted out. The most recent one would have been Professor Eric Jacobs, at my college. He saw it fit to appropriate my work and use it in a highly-acclaimed paper of his and denied me credit to boot. At the time, there was nothing I could do, as I hadn't anticipated the possibility (I was still naive enough to believe that victims of plagarism were other people) and it was just my word against his. I could have gleefully strangled him. About five years later after I had won my masters' degree I faced him down on it, privately, and he told me the same thing and that really pissed me off. I don't like feeling impotent.

4. What bands do you like? Do you even pay attention?
I don't really pay attention. I like some industrial Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and some New Wave, like Assemblage 23 and Beauty and a fair bit of Bach and Mozart, but I'm not fanatical about any band in particular.

6. What tape or CD hasn't left your player since your purchased it? Why?
The closest thing I have that qualifies is a collection of Mozart's string quartets being played by members of the Berlin Chamber Orchestra.

7. What's been your favorite movie of all time?
Not "Raiders of the Lost Ark" believe it or not. My favorite movie is "Guns of Navarone" because of it attempted to present some complex issues such as loyalty and trust into what is usually considered a throwaway genre the war movie. And I used to think that David Niven was dreamy.

8. Read any good books? What were they?
The Masks of God, by Joseph Campbell. Captured Heritage : The Scramble for Northwest Coast Artifacts, by Douglas Cole. Art of the Mayans and Its Origins, by Harry Stirlin.

9. What do you watch on the Television?
Animal Planet, PBS and (tell my clan and I'll kill you) "Friends".

10. When it comes to mundane politics, do you care? If so, which way do you tend to vote? If not, why don't you care?
I'll vote for whoever supports schools over prisons and needle exchanges over the war on drugs. Unfortunately, I'm very torn on the issue of gun control. If I couldn't carry a gun, I'd be dead many times over, so I can't be a bleeding heart liberal.

11. What type of places do you hang out in with your mundane friends?
Bars with good pool tables, the golf course, the local university campus and accompanying coffeeshops.

12. What type of places do you hang out in with your normal friends?
The same, usually, with some time in the chantry thrown in.

13. What annoys you more than anything else?
Monetary greed. I don't need much money in my life, so I can't understand those that want lots of it nor the measures that they will go to for it.

14. What would be the perfect gift for you?
A coherent thesis for my PhD. Failing that, a set of books, or a new print for my walls something I'd like, but usually don't think of to buy, myself.

15. What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
Mount Rainier at sunrise on a clear day. I haven't seen that lately, of course.

16. What time of day is your favorite?
The beginning of the day. I like the hustle and bustle of getting ready to go, of anticipating what might happen.

17. What kind of weather is your favorite?
Clear and cool, but not too cold. Perfect for excavations.

18. What is your favorite food? What is your least favorite food?
During life, I loved roast beef sandwiches and baked potatoes. Least favorite would have to be okra. One encounter with that was enough. And beets are pretty damned strange, too.

19. What is your favorite drink? (Coffee, Coke, Juice, Beer, Wine, etc.)
A nice frosty beer a good beer. Even now, there are times when I overcome the gag reflex when in public just to enjoy as brew, as far as I can.

20. What's your favorite animal? Why?
Cats. They're independent, curious and cute. But they're also pragmatic and don't waste time with grudges. Hurt a cat, he'll hurt you back, and that's the end of it. If only more people were like that.

21. Do you have any pets? Do you want any pets? What kind?
Well, my soft heart has obtained me a sort of flying-iguana type familiar but he's not really a pet. He just kind of hangs around and expects blood every now and then. I don't have any pets just now. I'= d like a cat, but I can't get one unless the rest of the chantry agrees to help look after it, as I might not be around often enough.

22. What do you find most relaxing? (Not as in stress relief, but as something that actually calms you down.)
A hot bath, or a good round of golf.

23. What habit that others have annoys you most?
Coyness. I don't really see the point in playing get-away-closer games unless it's something both parties are aware of but it's not something I'll usually tolerate. Unfortunately, being a par= t of a vampire court has forced me to hide my distaste for it.

24. What kind of things embarrass you? Why?
Poor grace in a social sense. Be a good loser, or a graceful winner. Boasting and bitchery in public only make you look weak. I hate to see that occur to others, as it makes me squrim.

25. What don't you like about yourself?
My newly discovered ability to lose all common sense and walk into dangerous situations. :) Other than that, it would have to be my bouts of standoffishness. There are times when I want to be glib and social, but I just can't make myself do it, and I run away and hide in my workroom, instead. And I can be very short with people who I think are stupid and wasting my time.

26. How would you like to look?
Taller, and not quite so myopic.

Sex & Intimacy Questions

1. Would you consider yourself straight, gay, bi, or something else? Why?
Straight, but open minded.

2. Who was the first person you had sex with? When did it happen? What was it like? How well did it go?
Oh my, that would have been Joel Tornatore. We were both seniors in high school and seeing a fair bit of each other as we were in the extremely under-subscribed golf team. The very first time was a bit embarrassing and clumsy, as we were both virgins, but it wasn't traumatic. We were both horny enough to overcome nerves. We dated for a couple more months well, 'fucked like bunnies' would be more honest, as we got the hang of things quite quickly.

3. Have you ever had a same-sex experience? Who with, what was it like, and how did it go?
While I was in college, I was part of a co-ed frat (don't ask) and one of the sisters hit on me after a long night at a low key party. I was just tiddly enough to fall into the 'straight-but-curious' category and we fell into bed. It was interesting, certainly educational, and even somewhat enjoyable but not as good as regular sex for me. Still, I was flattered by the offer and did the best I could to return the compliment if naught else.

4. What is your deepest, most well-hidden sexual fantasy? Would you ever try it?
Hm, that means it's one I haven't confessed, right? I had an on-going idle fantasy about meeting the arch-typical handsome stranger and having a totally reckless evening together Ė but that was quite unrealistic, even when I was alive, let alone now.

I did have a specific lingering hankering to get Josh Ė a bartender at a place I liked to go in Seattle Ė flat on one of his pool tables some time, but I was too nervous, and not in town often enough, to ask him out.

5. What was the wildest thing you've ever done, sexually? Who was it with and when did it happen?
I had a threesome with a guy-friend not really a boyfriend and his bisexual housemate/guy-friend, near the end of my college years. I learned more in one evening than I had in the past six years.

6. Is there any sexual activity that you enjoy and/or practice regularly that can be considered non-standard? (Bondage, Fantasy Play, etc.) Why do you like it?
There's nothing non-standard that I practice, but I was intrigued by the notion of bondage/power-plays when I was a ghoul, but as a vampire it would be too dangerous to explore, now. Nor is it that interesting to me any more.

7. Is there any sexual activity that you will not, under any circumstances, do?
I won't do anything outside of my species, nor with anything non-living. And activity involving human waste or anything's waste, for that matter is right out.

8. Do you currently have a lover? What is their name, and what is your relationship like? What are they like? Why are you attracted to them?
No regular lover at the moment. I'll occasionally bring herd members home for tumble, but that's not the same. I've heard that some vampires enter into physical relationships with each other, and I'm curious about that, but I don't know how much fun it would be. I admit that I've had some days that I think would be greatly alleviated by a good fucking but how enjoyable can it be compared to blood? And where would one find a partner? Until now, I've been living a very isolated life, even for a Tremere, and my social contact with vampires was minimal.

9. What is the perfect romantic date?
Assuming I could eat: dinner at a fine restaurant, good conversation. Then a thorough browsing of the local rare-bookstore and a late night walk.

10. Describe the perfect romantic partner for you.
Intelligent, witty, pragmatic, strong and handsome in that order.

11. Do you ever want to get married and have children? When do you see this happening?
Before I was Embraced, I wanted to have children, someday, and the loss of that potential is probably the greatest regret I have about my state. Marriage hadn't really crossed my mind, although I supposed that one day I would find a fellow anthropology/archeology fiend that I could really mesh with.

12. What is more important - sex or intimacy? Why?
Intimacy. It's more lasting than a tumble in the sack and to a vampire a more important state. If I can establish an air of intimacy with a potential herd member/ally/contact, then trust is not far behind. Sex is not a valid way to establish trust or encourage confidence.

13. What was your most recent relationship like? Who was it with? (Does not need to be sexual, merely romantic.)
Gary Wu. He was a post-grad student at Yakima, studying art. He was one of those chaotic, artsy types who was constantly perceiving things differently than most and he did his best to encourage me to see the world the same way he did. Of course, he didn't know that I was a ghoul at this, and already looking askance at what most considered reality. He was creative and funny and pleasant to be around. It was a 'comfortable shoes' kind of relationship. Once I knew I was going to be Embraced, I managed to gently break it off by just letting things cool down and being too busy to spend much time with him which was true.

14. What's the worst thing you've done to someone you loved?
Lied to them. Despite my good intentions, I essentially lied to Gary and sometimes I still feel vaguely guilty about that.

Drug & Alcohol Questions

1. How old were you when you first got drunk? What was the experience like? Did anything good come out of it? Did anything bad come out of it?
Sixteen. Fortunately, it wasn't a disaster. I had a couple of beers at a party and got rather loud and dizzy. I thought it was pretty interesting, but not worth risking death over. I drank after that, but I tried to be careful about not overdoing it usually I was successful. I don't see it as a particularly good or bad thing.

2. Do you drink on any kind of regular basis?
I try to, but it's difficult. See 'beer' above.

3. What kind of alcohol do you prefer?
Beer. Always. Failing that, champagne. I love good champagne, but can rarely afford it or justify it.

5. Have you ever tried any other kind of "mood altering" substance? Which one(s)? What did you think of each?
I've smoked a fair bit of dope, and consider it a good relaxant, sometimes although most nights, a hot bath is just as good.
I've taken peyote a few times a risk of my speciality and thought it was bloody amazing. But anything I like that much, I'm careful to avoid. I don't want to become an addict to anything. The blood vice is enough for me.

6. What do you think of drugs and alcohol? Are there any people should not do? Why or why not?
Booze and drugs are part of our life and social fabric. I think the war on drugs is doomed to failure because there will always be a demand for them. I think people should go ahead and try whatever they want, but they should be prepared to pay a price- be it getting busted with a dime bag, or wrapping your car around a tree when driving drunk. Most pleasures have a price, and people seem to forget that.

Morality Questions

1. What one act in your past are you most ashamed of? What one act in your

past are you most proud of?

Shame: I deliberately misled a fellow student who was competing against me for a grant. He asked for my help, and I sent him off down a research path that I knew would seem viable, but actually would be a waste of time - I knew because I had done itm myself. We were competing for money for our respective projects, and he was a smart guy - and a better writer - so I was convinced that he was going to beat me and destroy my own chances for finishing my thesis. So I smiled at him, lied to him and then ran like a devil to finish my own proposal before he wised up.

Pride: I risked my very-young reputation while campaigning for increased government funds for the Yakima Reservation in Washington state. The tribes there manage a subsitence living from gambling and native art - but the majority of that wealth goes to a minority of natives. In particular, the reservation would have benefitted from a dedicated high-school, but the white taxpayers in the central state didn't see the point of paying an extra two dollars per year, each, towards that. So I threw myself into a grass roots campaign and made a lot of noise at the Tremere of Seattle - somewhat overemphasising the magickal importance of the Yakima along the way. Finally, after nearly two years of work, a spending bill was passed and a new school was approved for the reservation - to be administered by the Yakima and Toppenish of the area - not the white-run school board.

2. Have you ever been in an argument before? Over what, with who, and who won?

Gods, too many too count, really. Academia is not nearly as quiet as outsiders believe. Before my Embrace, arguments were usually about things like the validity of a source, or who's turn it was to pay the gas bill.

After my Embrace, the fights were pretty much the same, but the stakes were higher.

I like to think that I win more than I lose because, if nothing else, I wouldn't go out and argue something unless I was sure I was right.


3. Have you ever been in a physical fight before? Over what, with who, and who won?

Before my Embrace: I wasn't in a fight since I was in the sixth grade and got suspended for hitting the schoolyard bully wirh a rock. He was bigger than mea nd the rock was my attempt to even the odds. I wouldn't call that a victory.

After my Embrace, I guess the most memorable fight would be my first. I was snooping around a dig that wasn't mine - I'll admit that - to see if there was anything being turned up that my clan should keep an eye on. I wouldn't have resorted to that, but the leader of the dig wasn't returning my calls.

4. What do you feel most strongly about?

Loyalty and friendship. A person who turns back on a friend is a worthless snake, and I'll say that to their face. Naturally, having this attitude hasn't made my vampiric existence as easy as it might be.

5. What do you pretend to feel strongly about, just to impress people?

Politics in general, and the need for responsible representatives. Since my Embrace, I've not bothered to concern myself much with human politics, but apoltical attitudes rarely impress people - unless their nihilists.

6. What trait do you find most admirable, and how often do you find it?

Again, loyalty and tenaciousness. I donít find genuine loyalty very often. Most often what others profess as genuine, selfless loyalty is more of a Ďloyalty of convenienceí Ė meaning that as soon as the price is right, theyíll sell you out. Of course, as they say, everyone has a price, but itís always a lot lower than people pretend it is. Tenacity Ė the strength of will to finish a task, to see something out, even when itís difficult and unpleasant, is also sorely lacking in people these days. A culture of immediate gratification has its price.

7. Is there anything you think should not be incorporated into the media or art (sex, violence, greed, etc.,)? If so, what and why, and if not, why not?

I think the media/art world should be free to present whatever they wish. Itís the responsibility of the consumers/viewers to be culturally educated and aware enough to understand that there may be material they donít wish to see Ė or that theyíre children shouldnít see Ė and, with that in mind, they can change the channel/leave the museum, etc. I think the only time censorship of the media is justifiable is if they are threatening to release information that could directly endanger lives.

8. Do you have any feelings in general that you are disturbed by? What are they? Why do they disturb you?

Aside from The Beast Ė which disturbs me for obvious reasons?

Tunnel vision, and its consequences. I can occasionally be so focussed on a task that I will ignore my friends and be very inconsiderate to those around me. Iíll be oblivious about how my manners affect my fellow, and will blithely stomp across the landscape. I forget that my goals may be different from another personís, and when I run up against that, I tend to get pushy, loud and obnoxious. I perceive such occurrences as obstructions and too personally.


9. What is your religious view of things? What religion, if any, do you call your own?

Iím a nervous agnostic who doesnít have much faith in the soul. My state leads me to believe in forces beyond my comprehension, but I donít believe in a hereafter, or consequences for a life well or poorly lived. I have much more pressing, real-world issues taking up my time. Iíll leave the theology to those who want to pursue it.


10. Do you think the future is hopeful? Why?

Yes, I think the future is hopeful. It has to be, otherwise why would we be driven to get up every day, to keep pursuing our goals? It may not be like an episode of The Jetsons, and I think weíre going to have to kiss a lot of frogs to find our handsome prince, but I believe the future is hopeful.


11. Is an ounce of prevention really worth a pound of cure? Which is more valuable? Why do you feel this way?

Give me the prevention every time. The time and resources that can be sucked up by damage control after an incident can be astronomical Ė and that diverts assets from future projects. For example: I know of an archeological crew from the University of South Dakota that skimped on their research and blundered into a honest-to-gosh Indian Burial Ground while digging test pits. The local natives Ė when they found out, as they inevitably do Ė were furious, and the digís time was entirely taken up with press conferences, spin control, mediation meetings and, of course, the dig itself got scrapped Ė all because some idiot hadnít bothered to follow up some references that were inconvenient.

On a more personal note, Iíve learned to always remember to bring half the clothing and twice the amount of money, to any expedition.

12. What's the worst thing that can be done to another person? Why?

Betrayal Ė be it in love, friendship or professional matters. To betray another person in a serious matter Ė Iím not talking on the scale of blowing off a casual get-together or suchlike Ė crushes them completely and will have repercussions for months or years, even for the rest of their life. A person who has been burned by betrayal will carry that baggage and share it with everyone they meet, furthering the spread of bad karma Ė as does the originator. To have such little respect for another personís feelings or beliefs to betray them is a monstrous thing.

The codicil to this is: choose your causes carefully. Never give your word lightly, because taking it back might destroy you.

13. What's the worst thing you could actually do to someone you hated?

See above. If I wanted to hurt someone, wanted to do it that badly, I would deliberately set out to win their confidence and then betray their cause. Iíd smile in their face and gossip behind their back and just when their at their peak, Iíd knock their foundations out from under them Ė by exposing their true nature, if necessary, or simply by selling them out to their enemies. Itís a horrible thing to do Ė far worse than killing someone Ė but if I was pushed that far, I think I could do it.

14. Are you a better leader or follower? Why do you think that? If you think the whole leader-follower archetype is a crock of shit, say so, and explain why?

Iím a follower, but Iím not servile. Iím not interested in personal politics and the assorted bullshit that comes with a leadership position. But Iíve been left on my own often enough that I can look after myself. I donít depend on orders to survive Ė and there are times when being supervised just isnít called for, but I feel more secure knowing that someone (hopefully someone competent and deserving of my loyalty) is in charge.


15. What is your responsibility to the world, if any? Why do you think that?

To increase the sum total of knowledge in any field I turn my hand to. Knowledge outlives people and eras and can be considered a legacy, albeit a (usually) anonymous one.

16. Do you think redemption is possible? If so, can anyone be redeemed, or are there only certain circumstances that can be? If not, why do you think nothing can redeem itself?

Yes, I think redemption is possible, but I doubt that itís universal. There are some people Ė such as psychopaths Ė who donít want redemption, and so therefore canít obtain it. Redemption is an effort of will, that comes entirely from within Ė the potential for it is within every person and circumstance, but not everyone can achieve it.

17. Is it okay for you to cry? When was the last time you cried?

Itís okay to cry, but only in pain, or in extreme emotion. The last time I cried was about two days ago, actually, after a massive influx of stress at a recent court meeting. I was tired, confused and thoroughly anxious. A good sob doesnít solve problems, but it can diminish their impact and enable a person to continue functioning.

Those manipulative bastards who can turn tears on and off like a faucet Ė and they arenít professional actors Ė need to be peeled and rolled in rock salt.

18. What do you think is wrong with MOST people, overall?

Most people donít seem interested in learning anything new after they pass the age of 18 or so Ė 12 in most cases. How can people enjoy life if they know the same things all the time?

Post-Supernatural Awareness Questions

1. When did you go through whatever made you supernatural? What was it like (in your opinion)?

Does ghouling count?

It was during my undergraduate years Ė my senior year, I think it began. I didnít know, at the time, that I was a ghoul. My sire fed his blood into my system via a ritual, and I was actually an unwitting ghoul of his for over a year. At the time, I honestly didnít notice anything, except for the fact that I could occasionally get really temperamental about things Ė and that I ascribed to PMS.

Once I knew I was a ghoul Ė shortly after I started grad school Ė I thought it was pretty neat. I was strong, I was generally healthy, and I wasnít aging. I didnít really have a true understanding of what being a vampire was, nor did my Sire go out of his way to explain any more than the bare minimum. At the time, it wasnít quite realÖ


2. What do you think now of being supernatural? Is it cool, or have you been screwed?

Iím happy with it, mostly because I didnít have much of a choice. Thereís no point in being gloomy, right?

There are two times when I feel saddened by my state. The most common occurrence is when Iím trying to join an archeological dig and then get tied into knots trying to explain why I canít be there in the daytime. It means a lot of solo projects for me Ė and I like working with a team - or sneaking around other peopleís property, which is just rude.

The other time is when I think about children. It wasnít something I was thinking about when I joined the Tremere, but I had the future option. Now itís no longer an option, and I sometimes feel a little sad about itÖ


3. Do you have a mentor? Who are they? How did you become their student?

Until recently, my sire was my mentor in most magickal matters Ė although I knew a hell of a lot more than he does about Native American studies. I became his student shortly after he recognized his golf-caddy sprawled out asleep over several volumes concerning freemasonry in the college library. He struck up a conversation, and things developed from there.

4. Do you have any magical items? Where did you get them?

Nothing other than the usual assortment of wards that a Tremere carries.


5. What do you think of the other denizens of the World of Darkness? Why for each? (If you haven't met something, do you think it exists, and if it does, is that bad or good?)

Lupine Ė dangerous fanatics and best avoided. I think weíre going to go to war with each other eventually, and I hope to be on the far side of the moon when that happens.

Mages Ė The Tremere donít like to speculate about these beings, but apparently they do exist. I donít know enough about them to form an opinion.

Changelings Ė My current boss, Alexander, tells me they exist, but I have a hard time believing it. Do they have wings and antennae? What could this dreary world possibly offer them?

Ghosts/Wraiths Ė I feel sorry for them. Most of them are stuck here against their will, Iím told, and the Giovanni are no better than vultures for what they do. Iíve nothing against spirit manipulation, but not the spirits of humansÖ.

6. Think of a major event that happened during your training/initiation. What was it?

Being show what an accomplished thaumaturgist can do. I think my Sire felt the need to Ďsellí the clan to me, so we had gone up to Seattle to meet with two residents of the chantry up there, who gave me my first introduction to hard-core magic use. Not only was I very impressed, but I was very intimidated. The fear factor was pretty strong Ė imagine what these people could do to me when angered. But I was curious too Ė a visible demonstration and explanation thoroughly whetted my appetite.

Miscellaneous Questions

1. What is the thing that has frightened you most? Do you think there is anything out there that's scarier than that? What do you think that would be?

2. Has anyone or anything you've ever cared about died? How did you feel about it? What happened?

3. What was the worst injury you've ever received? How did it happen?

My sire and I ended up at the wrong end of a mob when we were on the Toppenish reservation a few years ago. A few young bucks had been drinking and were spoiling for a fight with a white man. When they saw a young woman and a one-armed man, they thought they had easy prey.

Unfortunately, we had to keep to the masquerade, nor did I particularly want to kill anyone Ė I think my Sire didnít care about that as much as I did Ė so we the fight was hand-to-hand and quite brutal. One of them had gotten close to me and manage to slash my face with a knife, across my eyes, blinding me. That made my temper snap, and I frenzied. I couldnít see him, but a blind grab caught him and I nearly tore his throat out. Iím not terribly proud of that Ė and my sire and I had to do a lot of damage control afterwards Ė his ability to change memories saved the Masquerade.

Certainly a case where an ounce of prevention would have been helpful.

4. How ticklish are you? Where are you ticklish?

Moderately ticklish, at the bottom of my ribs, on the soles of my feet and, sometimes, under my arms.

5. What is your current long term goal?

Finish my PhD!

6. What is your current short term goal?

Survive this bloody court one more week. Learn about the Cathayans. Deal with the Brotherhood of the Serpent. Make better friends with my chantry mates. Learn to dodge better.

7. Do you have any bad habits? If so, what are they, and do you plan to get rid of them?

I think some might say that golf counts as a bad habit. I have no intention of getting rid of that any time soon. I chew on my nails, when Iím thinking hard and not paying attention. Itís hardly a seriously destructive habit, so I donít see the point of ending it.

8. If you were a mundane person, what would you do with your life? What occupation would you want, and how would you spend all your time?

Iíd probably be doing just the same Ė the archeology/anthropology grind, but without all the strange magickal bits built in. Iíd probably be some unknown associate professor at some west coast college, desperately scrambling for tenure.

9. What time period do you wish you had lived in? Why? (Looking at this as an attempt to change history doesn't count.) What appeals to you about this era?

The early 20th Century, when archeology was glamarous, well funded and a bit of discreet Ė or even blatant Ė treasure hunting was permitted, as long as the museums got the lionís share.

10. How private of a person are you? Why?

Iím quite open, I think. I donít have many secrets. The ones I do have, I keep to myself and try not to even hint at their existence.

11. If you were to gain an obscenely large sum of money (via an inheritance, a lawsuit, a lottery, or anything else) what would you do with it?

Endow a scholarship in my name at the University of Washington. Buy myself a huge house. Give an apt amount to the chantry.

12. What would you wish for if you found a genie?

My sire is missing his left arm. Heíd be a lot less cranky if he had it back.

13. What do you do when you are bored?

Read or, if Iím sick of that, shoot a game of pool, or play a computer game. If Iím in the chantry, Iíll go wandering for a bit of conversation.

14. What is the most frightening potential handicap or disfigurement you can conceive of? What makes it so frightening?

If I was blind, my life would fall apart completely Ė thatís why my temper snapped in the instance above. If I couldnít see, I wouldnít be able to perform any of my work, and I canít think of anything else I could do for a living.


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