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General Assessment  


Rebecca Logsdon, neonate.



 Apparent Age



Caucasian female. Brunette. North European descent. No significant scars. No tattoos. Pierced ears (two piercings per), no other piercings.



Parents, Amanda and Jeffrey Logsdon, reside in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Several aunts and uncles, scattered throughout the northwest. Rebecca has no siblings or children.


Precautions taken to protect the Masquerade

Rebecca's sire, S.Mangrum (see file US08-101-760714-024) has been implanting false memories of annual visits from Rebecca to her family within the elder Logsdon's minds. Rebecca explains her absences as due to her job as a researcher for a privately funded museum.


Personal History

Born 1964, in a suburb of Seattle, Rebecca's primary interests were typical of any young girl. Her childhood was unexceptional from any other.

Entering her teens, she became interested in local history. Later she developed a passing interest in the history of the occult - which she ascribes to an interest in Egyptology and the local native American tribes. It is also during this time that she learned to play golf and began to earn her allowance by caddying at a golf-club near her home.

Enrolling in the University of Washington at Yakima with a merit scholarship in 1983, this interest focused upon the archeological study of past cultures, with continued attention upon spiritual phenomena.

The chantry of Seattle believes that it is during this time that Rebecca was (inadvertantly) responsible for the destruction of a powerful native spirit during an archeological survey on the Yakima Indian reservation. This caused some disorder in Seattle, but much more for the area lupine who had depended on the spirit for certain gifts (see file US103-87-05-01).


History With The Tremere

Mangrum met Rebecca Logsdon in 1986. Seeking to take advantage of her growing research abilities, Mangrum made an unwitting ghoul of Rebecca via the usual means.

Working together, they were able to obtain the skull fetish of Fights-Like-A-Lion (currently located within the Seattle Chantry) and the Nuwisha Rattle (which necessity demands to be kept in the library of the University of Washington's Yakima campus). Also, many battle and/or time damaged archives were unearthed in chantries across the Pacific Northwest and restored. During this time, Rebecaa suffered from a fanatical interest in cultish conspiracy, but later mentoring from her Sire enabled her to get past that unfortunate phase.

After Rebecca's embrace in 1990, her focus has moved away from local anthropology to the more classical magicks. While Europe may be a more productive posting for her, that is impossible since a botched mission to London (see file UK-2597-562-705, subsection entitled "British Museum Expedition") which will make it quite difficult for her to return to Europe for some time.


Status Earned

Rebecca's first status award was earned after she obtained the skull of Fights-Like-A-Lion (spirit fetish) for the Seattle chantry, and for enabling the Yakima research contingent to retain possession of the Nuwisha Rattle, despite lupine objection.

Rebecca's second status award was given to her after she had spent over six months cataloging and reorganizing the libraries of both the Seattle Chantry and Yakima research station. All materials were preserved, archived, and recorded in a Filemaker database. The Seattle library was further enhanced by the retrieval of material that was lost after the destruction of the Portland chantry by vampire hunters.


Contributions to Clan Archives


The Necronomicon Is a Waste of Time (and other tracts debunked) - sole author


Report: Obtaining the Goblet of St. Andrew - sole author


Report: Status of Vampire-friendly culture in the greater Seattle area - co-author, credit shared with Ty Davis and S. Mangrum.


Report: Obtaining The Nuwisha Spirit Flute - sole author


Report: Obtaining The Skull of Jimi Hendrix - sole author.


Subtleties of Taste - Going Beyond The Superficial Information Contained Within Vitae - co-author, credit shared with Ty Davis.


Subtle Magicks and Psychology, Part VI - The Kabbalah - co-author, credit shared with Brian Jacobs, Elaine Gilcrest and Ty Davis


The Werewolf Problem in Yakima, 1996 - co-author, credit shared with S.Mangrum. 


Background Information


Rebecca is a person who never tires of learning. She's been inquisitive and curious all her life, with an interest in history and the occult that began shortly after her sixteenth birthday.

Mangrum first encountered Rebecca in 1985, when she had fallen asleep over a history of Freemasonry in the local university library. Seeing this, combined with the fact that he recognized her as an occasional golf-caddy at the local country club (Mangrum being a kindred who refused to give up a favorite hobby) he approached her and made her acquaintance. A year later, she became his ghoul and was brought closer the Tremere fold. Upon review of her master's thesis, the ruling chantry in Washington agreed to Stuart's request that she be Embraced.

Very little has changed since then. She is still the one who is willing to go crawling through centuries old muck if there is a chance of something new to be learned and her Sire's own rather unique experiences enabled her to cope with almost anything she may find. (Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft)

Other than a good book, Rebecca enjoys watching movies - she's one of those annoying people who will giggle all the way through a horror film - playing golf and shooting pool.

She has a fairly open personality - she understands her place in the clan, but is not a submissive 'child of the council'. Her Sire taught her to 'always respect the office, if not the one occupying it' and that's gotten her through many unpleasant meetings with stodgy kindred. She's somewhat scared of snakes, but is free of other common fears, such as heights and enclosed spaces (when you're in a tiny cave halfway up the Andes, you better not be scared of heights or tight spaces).

Her goals are simple - expand the clan's (and her own) occult knowledge, any way possible. She likes having a quiet sanctuary to return to, between expeditions, and can be quiet fierce if anyone disturbs the order of 'her' library. Her clanmates in Washington have learned to tolerate this, because she's the only one who can be bothered to keep things orderly and maintain the online library catalog.


About Stuart Mangrum, Rebecca's Sire.


Rebecca's Sire was fairly eccentric, even for a Tremere, so he bears mentioning. Stuart's own interest in the occult began a few years after his return from Vietnam, where he had survived 2 years as a POW. His mind was as intact could be expected, but he lost his left arm during his incarceration.

Shortly after returning to the US, Stuart took advantage of his contacts still within the army to augment his meagre income by selling weapons and supplies to whoever had the money.

While he enjoyed the irony of being in the arms business, it did little to satisfy him intellectually and he drifted into researching things that man was supposedly not meant to know. He quickly moved away from weapons dealing (although he remained an active investor, to keep himself housed) and enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle, where his activity attracted notice from the small Tremere contingent in that city. He was Embraced in 1978.

He's an avid golfer, cynical, paranoid, intelligent and quite firmly believes the best defense is a good offense. Coping with the lupine of the Pacific northwest has only reinforced that - and he has passed this on to his only childe.


Potential Problem Areas

Mangrum, being a rather atypical Tremere himself, has allowed his childe to also be a rather eclectic example of the clan's talents. Rebecca is well-educated and intelligent, but is prone to desire 'adventure'. This can usually be satisfied by a few night's dedicated investigation in an Indian burial ground or manor crypt, but the Tremere of Seattle are worried that she may set her sights on bigger game - her pursuit of which could cause much disorder.

Rebecca has been carefully encouraged away from her tendency to go tearing off into the unknown after artifacts - an activity that is useful, but dangerous - towards more productive activities, such as the identification and accumulation of tomes of occult value. Her progress has been erratic, at best, and perhaps reassignment away from her Sire may prove helpful.

Because Rebecca is young, she becomes bored easily. If she can be compelled to focus upon a specialty - preferably occult research (and, as time passes, development) - then she could be a sterling resource for the clan. The usual routine of 'carrot and stick' will probably work well here, as it has before with other neonates.


Tangible Benefits to the Clan

 Rebecca Logsdon has already shown herself to be an intelligent researcher, with the stubborness to see a matter finished and the nigh-limitless enthusiasm of a neonate. She is very loyal to clan Tremere, with a good understanding of political structure and her place within it.

The above factors - if maintained over time - may allow a higher security clearance in the future and the opportunity to apply her inquiring mind to some of the thornier problems facing our clan.


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