Dear boss,
        Sorry I haven't written sooner but, as you can imagine things have been quite busy. The new chantry is alright - very well equipped and well funded, but a much bigger crowd than I'm used to. Eight Tremere (including myself) in the territory, alone!
        The chantry head is Alessandro DeMedici - he's going by Alex, here - and he seems to be your typical elder example of the clan - bloody well educated, but a tad anachronistic. When all is said and done I think I'm settling in quite well with the clan.
        The rest of the court is another story. Christ, I may as well have worn a shirt that said "Bumpkin". I was a nervous as hell all night and damn near made a fool of myself in front of the Prince... Sure, sure I can hear you saying that we don't need to worry about princes, but down here, people live a lot closer to each other, even the kindred, it seems.
        I followed the prudent course of doing a bit of judicious sucking-up with anyone of rank who gave the time of day. I'm sure that irritates you no end, but I thought it would be a good idea.
        However, I think I may have succeeded too well. My intention was to look like any other loyal neonate, but I seem to be standing out - just what I didn't want. The court Herald - a prominent Toreador - took notice of me, which isn't too big of a deal as she seems to taking an interest in all of the Tremere women. It still bears watching, but I don't think she's a threat, yet.
        The other person who's interest I would be happy to avoid is the Prince. Yes, you read that right. I sent the man the usual token of esteem - after performing the usual research - and now I have been invited to tea with him. A private tea no less... Fortunately, his reputation says he is a fairly devout Muslim, so while I may have to worry about playing the part of the teapot, I don't think I have to fear rape on top of it. Mind you, apparently he practically crawled down the front of my clan mate Lily, when they met, but she's extremely pretty and none of the males in court could keep their eyes off her. If only she wasn't such a shy mouse, I'm sure her good looks could be used to the clan's advantage.
        Other than that, work is normal - thank god. The clan has pretty tight ties with UC Berkeley, and I'm hoping to extend that to Stanford, as they have a much better anthropology lab. The Chantry head is encouraging me to continue my studies with the local tribes, but there's one slight problem in that they're almost completely exterminated - not even a reservation left.
        The chantry's library situation is one of an embarrassment of riches, but Lily is a damn good librarian, fortunately, so the bulk of that job has fallen to her. I'm instructing our IS manager about why you don't use a 486 as a network server - and installing my bootleg copy of Quake 3 on every desktop in sight. By the way they're reacting, you'd think the Tremere had never heard of computer games before…
        Just wait 'til I suggest a round of golf.
        Thinking of you and wishing for the small-town life.


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