Dear boss,
        I thought I had better let you know that I survived tea with Prince Audran, although I may not survive the task he has set me. Guess who has to go investigate the lupine? I think my little gift to the Prince either flattered him beyond all proportion, or scared the hell out of him to have a neonate so aggressively up-sucking. I'm sure you can guess where my money is, can't you? Alex isn't too pleased about it, believing that perhaps the Prince has found a new way to thin out the Tremere ranks before we're perceived as a threat by others. Why is it that our clan is considered such a threat to the clans of the Camarilla? We're its backbone for heaven's sake!
        Still, I got myself into this, and I'll get out of it. I've received my orders, so I have no choice but to get cracking.
        During our little tea, I did my best to appear the loyal neonate without seeming entirely braindead. I suppose I couldn't have struck Audran as a complete invertebrate otherwise he wouldn't be trying to foist me off on the werewolves. Like any man in charge, he seems to like the fact that I'll follow orders. On the other hand, I don't think he appreciated an early part of our conversation.
        "So how is your elder?" he asked.
        "Happy to have so many new students, I think" I reply.
        "And how are his students?"
        "They're happy to have such a good teacher."
        I know it was coy, but I couldn't resist. The clan is operating within standard parameters, which means the Prince doesn't need to know anything about what the clan is up to unless it concerns the clan as a whole.
        I'm trying to sort this Prince out. Of course, my impression of his is very scanty, and the fact that he's ancient and from another culture makes things that much more difficult. He seems very pleased by outward shows of loyalty and respect to one's superiors, but his behavior towards Lily during their introduction at court - as you may recall, I mentioned he practically leered at her - makes me wonder how far that facade of formal civility goes.
        I think the important thing to keep in mind with this man is that he is a Toreador. He probably has a dresser full of personas that he can don as easily as a suit, and moves from one to the next as he wishes. The Toreador are traditionally unstable, so how does he manage to keep his throne? By being more stable than most, I suppose. I've never resided in close proximity to such senior kindred before, I think observing them may become an interesting side project...

        The chantry is looking good. The network has finally been established, and some of my clanmates have discovered the delights of networked computer games - although Alex is invariably reduced to a puddle of goo within three rounds of Quake. I'm getting the impression that he's actually much better with techinical matters than he pretends to be - but prefers to keep to the image of the anachronistic elder. I've heard that older vampires have a difficult time adjusting to new times, but surely they must have a tiny degree of flexibility left within them, otherwise how could they survive?

        Thinking of you and still feeling homesick - although I'll admit the nightlife is more interesting here...


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