Dear boss,
        Another court meeting has come and gone and I certainly have a better understanding as to why we avoided them so assidiously up there. It seems that Elders have all the manners and tact of a pack of children, and the insults were flying thick and fast. I suppose if it keeps their attention off me, I shall be happy.

        Lady Bannister - I've mentioned her before - has been revealed as even more dangerous than previously thought. Not only was she able to follow me while I was hunting, not only does she throw around far more weight than the simple title Herald would suggest, but she apparently also suffers from multiple personality disorder. The personality that was encountered during court distinctly referred to Elizabeth Bannister as a different identity - whilst acknowledging that it was an indentity within herself. At least she knows she's crazy, I suppose.

        Some courtiers are alarmed by Bannister's mental state, others are shrugging it off with a complacent remark about all Elders being a little crazy after the first couple of centuries. For the moment, I will avoid her as much as possible, but I have noticed that she can be dam' quick to take offense. She had the nerve to ask me about a private task set to me by Audran - when Audran himself had not told me that she knew of the matter - and she was quite vexed when I told her that not only could I not speak about it in public - I can't believe she had no idea of security - but that as far as I knew, she was not cleared to know about it.

        Since I don't want the Prince's friend - and that friendship casts an interesting light on the Prince, no? - pissed at me, I sent her an apology. I hope it sticks.

        Regarding the advice given in your last letter, I've realized that in the case of Prince Audran, you're right. Curiousity not only killed the cat, but dismemebered it, burned it and scattered its ashes, too. I can't gain anything by curiousity about the Elders, and if I can't squelch it, it would be far better if I exercised it on Regent Merrette.

        I'm hoping to suck up to the local lupine via some work I'm doing on a dig on the north side of Mount Diablo - a recently discovered native settlement - and it's giving my thesis a shot in the arm, too. I know, getting a PhD seems kind of pointless, now, but since I started it, I may as well finish - someday!

        I've managed to save up a decent bundle of money and I'm hoping to find my own place fairly soon. The chantry is as safe as Fort Knox and a damn sight more comfortable, but with so many Tremere around, I'm feeling crowded. A nice little place that I can retreat too and entertain guests without running them past the door guard would be nice. Don't worry boss, I'm not planning to hang out with a forbidden crowd, I just don't like having other people prod at my dinner.

        And I finally got my membership at the local golf club approved, but I'm so out of practice, I'm too ashamed to go!

        One of these days, you have to come down for a visit, if the clan will let you - or I'll see if I can get a weekend off and come up there. I really miss you, some nights.


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