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An Evening On The Golf Course.

Gamemaster: You would be at your favorite course and a tall, slender Hispanic gentleman with a goatee would approach. Excuse me. Mind if I join you. I seem to be without a partner this evening.
Rebecca: Regarding him carefully - what's his aura? That would depend...What's your handicap?
Gamemaster: Aura: Lt blue and very pale. A vamp who's very calm. (Handicap: he says something that shows he's competent but no world-class player.)
Rebecca: *nods* Alright. Do you need a caddy? (hefting her own clubs over her shoulder.)
Gamemaster: No, I can manage, thanks. Ms Logsdon was it?
Rebecca: (sidelong glance) I'm sorry, have we met? You seem to have me at an advantage, sir.
Gamemaster: Ah. (he smiles at his own cleverness). I'm Jericho Nunez. Chantry asst. at the SF chantry.
Gamemaster: I saw your ad.
Rebecca: I see, sir. *nods* I'm Rebecca Logsdon, yes.
Gamemaster: Great, I was looking for Tremere who could golf. Quite a nice coincidence isn't it?
Rebecca: Certainly is. Have you been a member at this club for long?
Gamemaster: No, as I said, I live up in the 'City'. I don't get out here much. (she would notice the odd pin on his lapel, a grinning serpent). You?
Rebecca: I just joined. There are better clubs - I hear there's a good one in Marin - but this one is in the best location for me.
Rebecca: (does the pin ring any particular history/occult bells?)
Gamemaster: (Other than the usual biblical and Setite references, not much. But you did hear of a Tremere faction that dealt with snakes somehow, all very hush-hush)
Gamemaster: I understand that you're an archaeologist. Is that right?
Rebecca: Yes, sir, that's right. Native American matters, usually. But I'll go where I have to, when I have to. And you?
Gamemaster: Versatility is always convenient. (another 'I'm enjoying myself' smile) Yes, I'm a bit of a collector myself. just a hobby for me really.
Rebecca: What areas?
Gamemaster: It's quite diverse actually with respect to culture. But I am a bit of an ophidiphile and it shows in my pieces. (Gently waving off the subject) But I'm sure you've had some rather interesting local finds?
Rebecca: Not quite yet, sir. This area is more an archeologist's nightmare than a dream.
Gamemaster: . Ah that's disappointing. And please, the name is Jericho.
Rebecca: *shrugs* Certainly, Jericho. Don't be in too much of a rush to be disappointed. I've only just arrived. (relaxing a bit) The east bay has been neglected by our clan, it seems.
Rebecca: Ophidiphilia? Then you must be interested in Mayan art...
Gamemaster: Ah, then you haven't heard the the native American legend of the "rainbow serpent" then? I have quite a few lovely pieces from South America in fact. I can show you some time.
Rebecca: Hm, perhaps... I'd have to clear that with my chantry leader, of course.
Rebecca: Shit! Not again. Pardon me. (goes wading off into the rough...) I'm out of practice. *sighs*
Gamemaster: (strides up behind her) Not at all... here's a trick my uncle taught me. (Places his arms around her and guides her club) Perfect for getting out of the scrub without too much hassle. There you see. it's all in the way you use your hands.
Rebecca: *slight awkward pause* Oh... I wouldn't have thought of doing that with a heavy club... (nods thoughtfully) Interesting.
Rebecca: *slightly silly grin* Of course...(silliness fades as Rebecca gets
back into concentrating on her game...

Gamemaster: (He's actually a bit better than he let on) But I must admit. I answered your ad with a purpose in mind.
Rebecca: (slight smile, addressing the ball, not him) I thought as much. Tremere usually make horrid golf partners...
Gamemaster: (glance at her)...Hmmm I would have said the opposite. i'm having a great time.I saw some of your work up north, what with the Native American fetishes. I was wondering if you could look at something I've found?
Rebecca: (realizing her goof) I didn't mean to imply you...It's just that usually...Oh, never mind. (shakes head). Sure, what is it?
Gamemaster: It seems to be a fetish of some type. A direct representation of the Rainbow Serpent. But of course that's a Mayan legend, so it has me a bit confused.
Rebecca: Any idea of the item's age?
Gamemaster: That's what I was hoping you could help with. As I said, I'm not really an archaeologist.
Rebecca: *nods* You say it's a fetish... Are you using that in the mundane sense does the item show magick potential?
Gamemaster: Ah... no. (slight smile) I meant fetish in the mundane sense. Isn't that what the native Americans called such items?
Rebecca: Yes, it is. But it's sometimes used by others to mean a magickal item. Hedge mages and the like.
Rebecca: I'll be happy to take a look at it for you. Do you have it with you?
Gamemaster: No. I don't happen to be in the habit of lugging valuable artifacts along in my car. *grin* You might want to try a fiver on that ... I could sponsor you as my guest into the city though.
Rebecca: (wields her four club optimistically) Trust me, this'll work. Well, it does in Seattle. *concentrates* You'd have to clear it with Alexander Merette, first, but I'd be happy to visit.
Gamemaster: (a slight hardening of the eyes) Of course... I'll arrange it right away. Right onto the green. Hmm my game's improving. Tell you what. Why don't we make this interesting?
Rebecca: (shrugs off his worry, thinking "too bad if you don't like protocol, I still follow it" then - mock worry) Uh-oh. How so?
Gamemaster: If I win, you go out with me tonight. I ask you any question and you answer truthfully.
Rebecca: And if I win?
Gamemaster: *smug grin* That's for you to decide, isn't it?
Rebecca: How about a reciprocal deal? If I win, we'll still go out, but you have to answer any of my questions honestly?
Gamemaster: Fair enough.
Rebecca: Fine. (Rebecca settles down for some *serious* golfing)

Rebecca unexpectedly wins the game - although it's close

Rebecca: (Rebecca is a little stunned - and noticing how well Jericho played) Just competent, hm?
Gamemaster: *whistles* Well that's what the folks in the PGA said anyway. So it looks like I owe you dinner and a conversation. *mimics false consternation* Damn the bad luck. *smile*
Rebecca: (raises an eyebrow, torn between a smile and irritation) You tried to hustle me, didn't you?
Gamemaster: I don't know....Did it work?
Rebecca: (smiling, but firm)It seems not. Incidentally, I think I'd like an honest answer to my question...
Gamemaster: Okay, yes you've got me. *large flourishing bow and woeful voice* (if it wasn't night and the course nearly deserted, it might be a bit embarrassing) I was a perfect cad and tried to stack the deck in my favor. All for the company of a pretty lady. Can you forgive me? *wicked grin*
Rebecca: (Rebecca's socks are being charmed off) I suppose I have no choice. You could have just asked, you know. (packing up her clubs and heading towards the clubhouse)
Gamemaster: (catching up) Yes, but isn't this much more fun?
Rebecca: (*slight smile*) Well....yes. So...where do you want to go for dinner?


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