Dear boss,
        I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that I'm in trouble already. Not serious life-on-the-line trouble, but I seem to have a sign over my head saying "Fresh meat" so a few sharks have cruised by to check me out. Look up Jericho Nunez in the clan files, and I think you'll get an idea of what I mean. He's a charming, good looking guy with Trouble written all over him. Anyone who tries to hustle a woman into going out with him has to be trouble. So, of course, he threw a hook and I swallowed it. He baited it with a very interesting - and mysterious - native fetish, and let my curiosity do the rest...
        However, I am keeping Merette informed of what's going on. He's pulling a sour face at my involvement, but I think he's curious, too. If Merette wants me to steer clear of Nunez, then all he has to do is tell me to leave him alone, and I will.

        Things are pleasantly quiet, otherwise. Merette felt the need to give me a lecture on the "Perils of Frivolousity" the other night, just because I made a flippant remark about The Beast. I really should watch my words, better, but watching one's tongue makes one look ridiculous. Still, Merette had a point when he warned me that there are a lot more dangers on the ground than I'm used to. I'm having to dredge up everything you told me in the early days in order to get by.
        Although I bet you wouldn't approve of the fact that I left two attackers alive the other night. Two goons came after me and Jericho while we were in a restaurant - see what I mean about trouble? - and my options were limited. I don't like killing humans, even when they're goons of someone who means me serious harm, but I had to get out of there fast. So I settled for blowing out their kneecaps so they couldn't pursue me, and following Jericho out of a plate glass window.
        When you Embraced me, you didn't warn me about the action-movie turn my life was going to take! Not that I'm complaining. After three months of nothing but studying and stilted conversation in that dratted court, a random attack and firefight was a bit of relief.

        And now I know my butt-kissing of the elders was a hit. Merette wants me to gently instruct one of the new chantry members in the art of upsucking - it seems his technique is a bit obvious and Merette's getting sick of finding the neonate's face on his ass whenever he sits down.
        So what if 'accomplished sycophancy' wasn't a skill either of us expected me to acquire? Given the concentration of touchy elders and ancilla in this area, it's a valuable thing to know. Wasn't it you who has told me many a dreary tale of the importance of keeping the higher-ups happy while getting on with your own business? Yeh, I thought so...

Missing you,


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