Renee Alcon

Renee's a writer, a traveler and a psychopath. It makes for interesting evenings. Blame her family - although Renee never would...

Images: Mom, Dad, Renee

This version of Renee is a pastiche of the original concept and Diana, so don't be surprised at the similarities.

(note: This is Vampire: The Masquerade character, not Vampire: Requiem)


Thoughts of a Good Girl (2005)
Renee's in-character journal. Unfortunately, because she's writing about some seriously fucked-up stuff, you have to be a member of LiveJournal and be on Renee's "Friends' List" in order to read the entries. I really don't need the FBI finding the thing on a random web search and totally misunderstanding what's going on. Membership is free, and I'm happy to add any readers who ask.

Jyhad Card
Because I'm silly like that


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