Sarah Donner.

Dr. Sarah Donner is a character I played for a few intense weeks in a Vampire LARP in Concord, CA. She is a coroner who works for the FBI in San Francisco. She's heavily inspired by Patrica Cornwell's character, Kay Scarpetta and by Dana Scully of "The X-Files", at the request of the GM of her first chronicle - so blame him!.

Sarah had the bad luck to fall in with vampires at the worst times...

A basic timeline and introduction to Sarah's character

Sarah's Journal
Sarah Donner's diary during her association with a vampiric court in Concord. (1996 - 1997)

Just Another Day...
This story, written in '96 but set in 1995, was written to try to establish some history for Sarah before she got tangled up with the supernatural. Unfortunately, it was never finished as Sarah was abruptly (and unexpectedly) retired. (Running like hell from a pissed-off vampire court will do that to a character).

Some misguided PC suggest Sarah try writing poetry. This is what fell out of her head.

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