Sarah Donner - Vital Stats and Stuff

Born: November 17, 1958. 37 years old. Short reddish brown hair, green eyes. 5' 6" tall, slender. Plain face.

Family: Middle class. Father, Jeff Donner, was a business executive. Mother Emily (White) Donner, was a medical assistant. Both still living, still married to each other and retired.

Early family life: Sarah has a good childhood (get that!). She has one sibling, an older brother, John (42), who is a career military man in the U.S. Navy, currently a captain (to his father’s immense pride). They’re as close as they can be, for two people who see each other once a year or so. She’s fond of him, and her parents, despite their infrequent get-togethers.

Education: Sarah went to public school in her home town of Springfield, Mass. She’s smart and won a scholarship to go to medical school at St. George’s Hospital in England. (It’s a training hospital with an accelerated program).

After graduating from there in 1980, she immediately applied to law school in Ithica, New York. She had some scholarship money and a couple of small loans to make ends meet, but it was tough. She passed the bar in 1984, and now had sufficient education (MD, law degree and passed the bar exam) to be a coroner - her intent all along.

Personal life: Sarah keeps very much to herself. She’s happily heterosexual and doesn’t have an Significant Other, and rarely does. It takes a person with gobs of patience and a strong stomach to date a coroner. They have the weirdest hours and come home smelling really nasty...

She has a few friends, mostly outside the FBI, some of them are military people (friends of her brother) or people she knew in law school. She has a few acquaintances through her work in the coroner’s office, including a few in the police department, as well as the county morgue.

Career: Sarah joined the Washington DC Coroner’s office in 1985. They are so desperate for help that they offered a surprisingly good wage, and were willing to take on a newly qualified employee.

Sarah worked hard - she actually enjoys this otherwise she wouldn’t be doing it. Sure, it’s grotesque, but it’s amazing what you can learn about human nature in this field - and was marked as a high flyer. She quickly climbed up the ranks.

In 1992, her immediate boss, the chief coroner for the DC area announced he planned to retire the next year, and it was taken for granted that Sarah would replace him. However, to the surprise of all, she announced that she was leaving the coroner’s office to join the FBI. She gave no reason and no one was brave enough to ask. She keeps in touch with her former co-workers, but not very often.

Sarah joined the FBI for two reasons. One is that they were offering a much nicer looking situation at better pay with more benefits. The other was that she wanted to find out who in Special Affairs came in and took three her off three cases during her career...One involved an unusual hair sample found at the scene of a particularly grisly murder. Another case centered on a corpse that was perfectly fine except for the fact that he was dead. The third case was one that a colleague in another jurisdiction asked Sarah to examine. The corpse in that particular case had almost no blood in its body, but there was no sign of any wound through which her blood must have been removed. Tricky...

In all three cases, FBI Special Affairs showed up, flashed a few ids and took everything. The case, her notes, the body and read her the riot act about not speaking about this to anyone.

Sarah tried to do a little polite sneaking about, but came up against blank walls at every turn. One thing was for certain, though, if someone in Special Affairs took those cases, they did a good job of covering their tracks. No-one in Special Affairs seemed to know anything about it. Either someone was lying, or there’s a part of Special Affairs that even Special Affairs doesn’t know about.

To Sarah’s immense surprise, she was invited to join Special Affairs last year. Apparently they need a coroner on the team and the last one left rather suddenly. No one’s willing to talk about that, though.

But there was one rather jarring incident after she joined S.A. An anonymous e-mail on her computer ( warning her not to trample on other people’s patches and not to get in over her head, lest she lose it. The e-mail deleted itself after she read it, and had no "from" tags on it...



Sarah was assigned to the SF Bay Area in 1996. Things went pretty well until she got tangled up in a very ugly murder case. The procedure was corrupted from start to finish, and, when all was said and done, she was caught in a 3 way fight between the Settites, the Nosferatu and the New World Order.

Sarah is reluctantly facing the fact that vampires may exist, but she’s still clinging to her theory of a very sophisticated drug-operation. The drug in question is sometimes called ‘gule’ or ‘blood’ and often uses animal (or even human) blood as a medium - a fact that worries her greatly. The dealers are using the gothic/vampire craze as a coverup for distribution and sales, etc. The drug has an effect similar to PCP and adrenaline - increased strength, cut off the pain receptors - and causes side affects that include mental instability and photophobia.

However, Michael, her NWO contact (she has no idea what the NWO is, not even its name) seems to like her and has gotten her ass out of a tight place once. Of course, he also kidnapped of one of her fellow agents and demanded an important piece of evidence in a murder case as ransom...It’s an up and down kind of working relationship.

Michael is trying to convince her that he’s a good guy - "We maintain the status quo. We keep order. We stop chaos from overunning and destroying everything" - but she’s still demanding to know what gives him that right.


And that’s really it. Sure, I played her at a larp and some bloody idiot Embraced her, but that makes the character unplayable. I would much rather play her as a human who is starting to learn some dangerous things.