Svetlana Yemerov
Raised by the Soviet State, at the tail end of Stalin's "glory", Svetlana was looking forward to her career as a policewoman in Moscow, until her too-good looks caught the attention of some unsavory fellows at KGB. Forcibly inducted into the infamous "Sparrow School", Svetlana managed as best she could, and clung to the remnants of her patriotism and faith in the Rodina.

Then, quite by accident, she encountered a vampire in West Berlin and everything changed. 

(note: This is Vampire: The Masquerade character, not Vampire: Requiem)

Summary and Statistics (2002)
This was written for the benefit of the 'grab bag' version of the character, and doesn't quite jibe with the livejournal, below. However, it's a good starting point if you're a player/GM looking for some character fodder for a campaign, as she's tooled to be either a Toreador or an Assamite, your choice.

A Taste of Metal (2004)
And this is what happens when you read too much Ian Fleming in a week and get bored at past midnight. I've started churning out some little vignettes for the character and an LJ is as good a place to put them as any. I'll probably consolidate them into an HTML file on this site, soon enough, for sake of convenience.


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