Svetlana Yemerov


This background is for the Toreador option, as it is most palatable to Storytellers.


Svetlana always knew she was pretty, but she had a sharp mind, too. The trick was in proving that to everyone else. Given that her options in 1962 in Moscow were a bit limited, she joined the city's police force - because the military was not an option for her.

            Unfortunately, she didn't get much of a chance to overcome the burden of good looks, as she was immediately noticed by the KGB and 'recruited' (er, coerced) into the service and put through what was euphemistically called the "Sparrow School". There, she learned the rudiments of espionage and how to learn a man's secrets via his most classical weakness - "whoring for the Rodina", as it was wryly called.

Svetlana wasn't terribly happy about having this career choice thrust upon her but, given that the Soviet state didn't appreciate ingratitude, she squared her shoulders and tried to approach it the same way she had approached her intended tenure with the police force - as a challenge. After all, she was a loyal Soviet - or at least, she realized the importance of appearing to be so.


Svetlana quickly proved that she had brains to back up her beauty - so much so that her Soviet masters sorely wished that she had been available during the Camelot years. After a particularly successful operation in West Berlin during which Svetlana managed to acquire sensitive information from both the American and English embassies, she began attracting attention from the senior echelons of the KGB. Of course, the kindred were only one step beyond.

            A powerful Toreador - Sergei Fillipov - controlled the Sparrow School, and he decided that a special project was to be made of Svetlana. After the successful Berlin operation, Sergei arranged for Svetlana to receive some special mentoring from the KGB and even Spetsnaz - her missions were going to take a much more deadly turn. By 1970, she had murdered three foreign nationals within Moscow. To her surprise, it really didn't bother her that much - her heart had been effectively hardened, already.

            At this point, the foreign intelligence services start paying attention to her (as do the Assamites, if you wish to make her an Assamite). To protect her from assasination, and to put the final edge on her skills, Sergei Embraced Svetlana in 1972. (or you can create a race between the Assassins and the Toreador, with the Assassins winning, your choice)

            With the Embrace came greater freedom of movement - but also some much more deadly targets. Important ghouls belonging to Sergei's rivals starting suffering from Moscow's increasing crime problem. Even a few kindred went missing - but Svetlana's primary targets remained significant humans within the Soviet Union and in the European mainland.


With the collapse of the Soviet Union - and the accompanying destruction of Sergei - Svetlana decided it was time to make a significant move, and she packed her bags for the United States.

            By now, she is a hard-hearted woman with a beautiful smile and some very deadly talents - the classic Black Widow. Of course, she doesn't advertise her more violent abilities, unless she's sure the price will be right. She can earn a comfortable living as an elite escort and corporate espionage has proven very profitable. But that sort of work rarely excites her. Now, hunting ghouls - and even kindred - that can be exciting.


Svetlana is awash with ennui and she cultivates a public persona of “Been there, done that and what are you thinking with that outfit?” In private, though, the facade will be dropped to reveal a wry, shrewd - and very cynical - woman. She hasn't cared for another kindred since her Sire was destroyed - although you could give her a bit of emotional vulnerability in that regard.


She is NOT "The hooker with a heart of gold".


Her ego is her driving force - she loves being adored for her looks, and feared for her talents. Her ego will most likely be her downfall...


Born 1944.

Embraced 1972, Sergei Fillipov, Clan Toreador.


Attributes: Social, Mental, Physical. Spend many freebies on these, as she needs to be charismatic, manipulative, intelligent and physically able-bodied, too. Remember, a woman doesn't have to be APP 5 to be seductive - manipulation and charisma goes a long way.

Abilities: Skills, Knowledges, and then Talents. Put points in seduction, brawl, melee, subterfuge, cryptography, streetwise and sleight of hand. She will have some empathy, but not a lot. Her book learning is limited to subjects like politics and history.

Humanity - 4 or 5. Too many murders, you know, for it to be higher.

Willpower - 8 or 9 – you’ve got to have a lot of Willpower to pull of this kind of work

Courage and Self Control must be high, Conscience no more than 2.

Extras - buy Obfuscate as soon as you can with this character (or build it in for her if she is an NPC)



Strengths: stubborn, well-trained, and she'll be loyal for the duration of her contract

Weaknesses: paranoid, egotistical (she's the BEST, dammit), mercenary. She won't break her word once it's given, but getting it from her will cost a LOT.

Desires: money, power and, damn, she would love to learn Quietus (if she's in her Toreador incarnation) and Obfuscate.