Torchwood Fanfiction

I've always been a bit of a desultory ficcer. A few IC journals here, the occasional one-off piece, there. And then Torchwood came out and, bloody hell, something got knocked loose because, by god, it broke a fifteen-year dry spell in my slashy writing... The results are below (not all slash, mind you). At the moment, the links point to the original posting locale (my fannish LJ) but they should be replaced with .pdfs at some point.

Going Straight. As if!
In 2005 - 2006 I played Jack in an online RPG and maintained a Torchwood-centric continuity on most of the public entries. You can see the Torchwood Diarieshere. If you want to see the locked-off stuff - part of a different, non-Torchwood continuity, in which Jack is gallivanting with the Tenth Doctor and Rose - you must have an LJ and let me know that you want to be added to Jack's "friends list".

(Un)Pop Music
Jack makes his opinion known regarding a certain oldies tune. No 'shipping, just fic.
Rating: PG (language, booze). Originally posted on Going Straight. As If!

Shouting Match
Jack and Ianto have a difference of opinion about how the Lisa situation was handled. Spoilers for 1x04, Cyberwoman. No 'shipping, just fic.
Rating: PG (language)

The team deals with a sudden upset on the org chart. Spoilers for End of Days. Genfic, no 'shipping.
Rating: PG (language).

Companion piece to Aftermath, concerning Jack's first conversation for quite some time with a Certain Someone. Spoilers for the very end of End of Days. Genfic, no 'shipping.
Rating: PG (language)


The stories below are connected, sort of. Most of them are on my (now defunct) fannish LJ.

Gwen finally succumbs to temptation. Set shortly after 1x06, Countrycide. . Gwen/Owen pairing.
Rating: NC-17 (naughtiness).

User Friendly
A follow-up to Torn. An email by Owen goes a bit awry.
Rating: PG-13 (implied naughtiness).

A bit of Jack/Owen PWP, and one that could be considered a part the same continuity as Torn and User Friendly. NC-17 (naughtiness).

Workplace Conversation
An immediate follow-up to the untitled PWP above. Owen resolves to have a word with Jack, but the problem is that he's not entirely sure what he plans to say. PG-13 for some strong language.


The ongoing Jack/Ianto BDSM series of dooooom. Yes, really. Obviously, the slash is hip-deep, here.

Negotiation (or, Is Oral Sex Just Talking About It?)
Jack and Ianto have a rather illuminating conversation about trust issues and lack thereof.
Rating: R for content and language, but there's nothing explicit going on, here.

Ianto IMs Jack and asks him why he's sitting so awkwardly at his desk, today...
Rating: R for content and language.

Set immediately after Incognito, Jack and Ianto spend some time together, and Ianto proves that he always keeps his promises.
Rating: NC-17. Explicit sex, BDSM, fetish.

Starting Over
Ianto learns that Jack's carrying more than just emotional baggage after his year on the Valiant. (note: this is a reboot/restart of Toppy Ianto series, as I didn't like the direction it was going in, previously)
Rating: R, sex, some weirdness.


Jack's Year In Hell

I went through a 'torture Jack' phase (I suppose we always hurt the ones we love, right? ;)) and churned out the following. Some stories are connected, some stand alone.

Emotional Politics Make For Strange Bedfellows
Despite being in captivity, Jack does his best to make new friends while aboard the Valiant. Unfortunately, Lucy Saxon has a strange idea of what constitutes 'friendship'.
Rating: PG-13 - violence, language.
Pairing: none (genfic)
Spoilers: Sound of Drums/The Last Time Lord, but only if you squint and have been living under a rock, DW-wise.

One Week Later
An epilogue, of sorts, to Emotional Politics.... Jack gives in to the temptation to say something very stupid during a conversation with Harry Saxon.
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Harry Saxon. Sort of.
Rating: NC-17. Violence and sexual content (non-con - could be triggering for some readers).

Everyone Needs a Hobby
When faced with a captive Jack Harkness, Harry Saxon decides that the traditional methods of torture just won't do...
Rating: R (violence, sexual content)
Pairing: None. It's a bit subtexty, I s'pose but I wouldn't call this a pairing. But it's not genfic, either. Just read the dam' thing. It's a prequel to Starting Over, but I think it's better to read that story first, then this one.
Spoilers: Very minor for Utopia/The Sound of Drums/The Last Time Lord.


Still slashy, but unrelated to any of the above.

No-One Reads Memos
Having a bad day, Jack decides to indulge in a cathartic shout at a coworker. Standalone vignette. (Jack/Owen)
Rating: R for language and mild naughtiness.