Patricia DeMontfort - Vampire: The Masquerade

A child prodigy, Patrica was a surgeon by the age of 21. She left her home in Toronto to join a thriving practice in Sacramento and was on the edge of a successful career. Her colleagues - and the entire medical community - was stunned when Patricia suffered a nervous breakdown and killed a patient in the middle of a procedure. Several days later, she committed suicide.

Afflicted with sadism and a dependence on opiates, Patricia had become the childe of Michael Worthington, a particularly twisted kindred - even for a Malkavian. Over the next thirty years, Patricia would be exposed to every aspect of the human condition, and delight in them all - particularly the miserable ones...

I've been playing Patricia off and on since 1993 or so. I keep putting her away at the end of one game, only to bring her back for another. It's been grand.


Patricia's sire, Michael Worthington - a handful of pictures.

A somewhat silly photo of me done up as Trish circa 2006. A slightly less silly photo of ditto, circa 2014. Yeah, the hat's a thing. I lost the original and it took a surprising amount of effort to find a replacement.

Stories are presented in reverse-chronological order - most recent at the top.

2006 - Present Day

Domestic bliss?
Trish and Michael have dinner. Another short vignette.

Michael Weighs In
A very short vignette.

Having abruptly returned to San Francisco for reasons she doesn't fully understand, Patricia decides - almost as soon as she's arrived - that she should return to Vancouver. Unfortunately, she runs into some difficulties.

Paul, Patricia And Michael
Paul and Patricia decide to play another round of the cat-and-mouse game that had previously amused them - it's the sort of thing bored, jaded vampires get up to. But when Paul asks Trish to take on the guise of her dead-and-diablerized sire, things go a little awry. (PDF file).

Part of a larger collection of bits and pieces for several other characters, all of which were collected on my RPG character-centric LJ Juggling Mercury. This bit is a particular favorite and features another darling of mine, Paul Viersan who is usually a part of the Rachel/Yasmin/Yvette continuity.

2006 - 1999

Patricia's Livejournal
I kept this throughout the third LARP of which Patricia was a part (CAST) and beyond, including little ficlets that I didn't think were worth developing into full stories. Some entries feature crossovers with other of my characters because, well, that sort of thing is inevitable. Even during her periods of retirement, she would cross my mind, and this is where I jotted down those thoughts.

The 100 Questions
More than ten years after creating the character, I finally felt ready for the BIG questionnaire. Fifteen pages of concentrated alienation...

1998 - 1999

Written more out of player-boredom than anything else... Patricia decides to keep working on unresolved issues in the worst way possible.

Immediate follow-up to Preparations. Patricia recovers from a night out gone sour, surrounded by stale blood and too many questions.

Patricia readies herself for a night out - with or without unwanted company.

Patricia decides to cope with her Sire's new presence in her life in her own unique - and bloody - way.

Groping In The Dark
March, 1999. Patricia considers her current circumstances in the midst of a three-way civil war in Contra Costa Country.

?? to ??

This period/collection was borne of one part mischief, one part laziness and one part can't-leave-well-enough alone, whereby I filled in a multi-year gap in Patricia's memory with a series of stories that, for want of a better description, could be considered fanfiction for the David Cronenberg film Dead Ringers. Originally set 1996 - 98, its placement in her continuity has become rather elastic following the 2014 reboot.

Moving On
Patricia, now sire to the Mantle twins, has her work cut out for her. An unexpected visitor comes to call...

A direct continuation of Revelations - Two. After a short interlude, Patricia returns to her shared haven and stumbles upon something that forces her to admit some ugly truths - as well as convincing her to take a big risk... Adobe Acrobat file, not HTML.

Revelations - Two
The night after First Revelations, questions are asked and accusations are made by both sides...

First Revelations
The Mantles unexpectedly learn a surprising thing or two about their sire...

Settling In
Patricia and her two fledglings are accepted into Vancouver and are the cause of some debate...

Like Calls To Like
Patricia's attention is drawn by doctors Eliot and Beverly Mantle of Toronto.

1992 - 1996

Pretty weak stuff, in hindsight, but kept for sentimental purposes.

Patricia takes a look inward - internal monologue.

Never Trust a Snake.
Co-written with Nick H.
Patricia makes a big mistake when she makes a deal with a Settite.


Trish gets a new job and is bothered by some old trouble. This was written to explain some changes I had made to the character, as well as to set up an in-game plotline. One of my favorites.

Patricia and Michael
This is a colletion of the bits concerning Patricia DeMontfort and her sire, Michael Worthington, from Patrica's Embrace to Michael's death twenty years later - and a bit beyond. In Re-edited in '99 and '01 because, heck, I could.
"Mature themes", etc.

Get Over It
Trish finally whines too much at her Malkavian mentor, Justin, and gets some good advice.

Patricia and Kim.
The first meeting between a couple made in heaven - Patricia De Montfort and Kim Petersen - the most well adjusted masochist you'll ever meet. Not great, even by my standards, but included for the sake of completion.

Marlee Matlin. Iain Glenn. Jeremy Irons. David Cronenberg. Used without permission, obvs.

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