Chris:  White can spare you an hour. However you have to come to him, and he happens to be in Morocco for the week.

Johanna: Morocco. In Africa. Oh, lovely.

Chris: Okay. Well surprisingly, or perhaps not, Morocco is like Arabia Lite. It almost seems more like Europe with an attitude. Patricia doesn't have too much trouble navigating her way to the edge of Casablanca and into the coffee house, where White is sitting in a ridiculously smoke filled back room.


White: "Ms. DeMontfort. How good of you to arrive a bit early."
He gestures about. "You can speak plainly here."

Patricia: *nods* "Thank you." (take a seat) "A small token of my appreciation at your sparing the time to see me." - proffer the gift (ancient Asian ritual dagger, looted and used by WR Hearst as a letter-opener).

White: He graciously accepts the gift, and you notice the quick appraisal of it's worth and the satisfied narrowing of his eyes. He then turns his eyes to you. "Derick tells me that it may be vital to the future of the Camarilla that we speak. Of course he's Derick and histrionics becomes him. However he *wouldn't* arrange a meeting if there weren't *something* of interest going on."

Patricia: "Indeed. Although I don't want to waste your time, I almost hope that Derick has overreacted to the situation in the Bay Area, but it is... dire." *frown thoughtfully* "You said I can speak freely. May I speak candidly, also?"

White: His eyes seem to assess you. He gives a tight nod, but adds: "Mind your place though."

Patricia: "The camarilla of the bay area is close to being destroyed by those who should be its staunchest supporters. Since the courts of San Francisco and Richmond have been restored, the Princes have been more concerned with internecine argument rather than uniting against common foes. At first I had hoped that, after a period of adjustment, tensions would relax as Princes Brenna, Moritz and Felix got used to each other's way of doing business. But that adjustment hasn't happened... in fact, I believe it's being prolonged and provoked by at least one faction in the Bay Area."

White: Calder nods. "It has never been the case. Only when Thomas had the area under his thumb as the some what 'prince of princes' if you will could the area function. You essentially have one city with three princes." American west cities are not like their European counterparts. They lazily spread out over vast territories. But when I and my contemporaries decided that the whole of the area needed a single prince we did so after long nights of debate. And we determined that Atticus was going to be the best prince. Angela having the problems that she does."

Patricia: *nods* "Atticus was a good Prince." *pause* "Is it still your opinion, then, that the area would function best under a single Prince?"

White: "I made the decree didn't I?"

Patricia: *frowns in puzzlement* "Indeed, you did. But the decree was undermined, and I'm not sure I understand how. And Cohen seems to be bent on keeping things undermined - or so I keep hearing."

White: "Angela Brenna, Helena Moritz and Simon Cohen cullied every bit of favor they could muster to set up the current situation. Which included undermining the decree of four Archons."

Patricia: "That...can't have made them terribly popular."

White: "They did so fairly. I owed boons, they were called in. I can't say that I support the new situation, but I am.........*very bitterly* required, not to directly oppose it either. But no, those four Archons, who held a two month salon to debate what was best for the bay area, were not at all pleased with Cohen's sense of........competition.

Patricia: "I see. Cohen seems to working to an agenda of his own, one that doesn't necessarily match what's best for the Camarilla in the Bay Area..." *pause* "What if..." *puts down ridiculously tiny coffee cup and goes for the gusto... "What if a fresh appeal was made to those four Archons? By a person or faction who truly is loyal - and doesn't owe favors to anyone of comparable power who could countermand their decree?"

White: "You would have to call in the same amount of boons that originally bought our silence.....or petition new Archons. Most Archons write off the new world though, and certainly the frontier. It would take an.....incident to provide those four archons the reason to re-evaluate honoring their boons."

Patricia: "An incident on what sort of scale? And, if you don't mind my asking... precisely what level of boons were... called in?"

White: "I believe at last count, between the three of them, they had cashed in or agreed to owe fourteen life boons, six blood boons and some change. Many of those are with clan Justicars and extend to all applicable clan elders. As for the incident........Simon would have to be," he glances up at you. "You understand we're speaking hypothetically of course, I would never take action against a loyal Camarilla Tremere unless there was ample reason to do so...."

Patricia: *repress a whistle at that boon listing* "Strictly hypothetical of course. Such as if Cohen was hypothetically encouraging the Prince of San Francisco to force the Prince of Richmond into an unwilling alliance against the Prince of New Haven and make threats that are one step short of declaring war against Felix - whilst simultaneously telling the Prince of San Francisco to ignore the Sabbat camped out in the East Bay as not her problem. Hypothetically."

White: "Unfortunately no. I've followed your squabble. Moritz has a case with the current standing of the situation. And Simon's meddling is no more than annoying at this point." He leans forward. "But here's the long and short of it Patricia, and I'm glad you finally came to ask me. Archons are only big and scary when they have to be, and they're usually Fanatics about the Camarilla and only want to see what is best for it. The three of them did not manage to garner a single spit of support. They only managed to remove opposition, and it's not the same thing. For example, I am not allowed to refute the claim if my name is dropped in support of their doings, but I would not lift a finger to help. They are dancing in a world of boasts and bluffs, and if your prince had half the balls of his predecessor and wasn't probationary sect member, this never would have happened."

Patricia: *nods thoughtfully* "I had suspected as much. Felix is growing balls - perhaps too late - but that damned cloud over his head. Short of promising something significant to...someone significant, that's not going to go away. He can't achieve anything until it's gone - and it won't go until he's achieved something significant. It's a Catch 22 for him... Might I ask you another direct question?"

White: *Does White, the Tremere Archon to the Brujah Justicar, almost smile?* "Of course."

Patricia: "Actually, it's two questions, and I don't know which one to ask first... You can't get involved in any attempt to re-unite the Bay Area - not without a hell of an incentive. I understand that. But you seem...unhappy with Felix as a Prince. Would you be happier - unofficially, of course - if someone else were to take his place?" *pause* "The second question is, well... rather blunt. Boons have been promised to do what has been done and there's no way I could come close to that - yet... You're a Tremere - a highly placed one. I don't understand the working of the Tremere clan at all well but... what would it take to... promote Cohen significantly - preferably to a prestigious post at least 3,000 miles away from San Francisco?"

White: "I would be happier if anyone with a nut sack took his place. And since it wouldn't much matter at this point if he *DID* grow a pair since he's not supposed to be holding any office in the Camarilla ever, I would like it not to be him. Every time some back water yokel tells him that they will will be their own territory he gives up the territory with a smile and a nod. Is he a prince or is he a lap dog? You don't even understand how delighted Cohen was to see Felix take the throne. Because it's Simon's support of Felix that is really being respected. It is Simon that keeps the Brujah gangs from yanking Felix off the throne, and that means it is Simon who has all the power. Not that I don't want my clan to have power, but why doesn't he just take the throne of the Bay Area if he's so excited about running everything. No, he has to split it up so that he can play everyone off on everyone else while he.......well.....what ever it is he's doing.

White: As for transferring him, at this point only the Tremere Justicar or one of the council of seven has that power over Simon.

Patricia: *sits back, surprised* "Brujah gangs...?" *gnaws on a fingernail* "Shit. Oh! Excuse me." 

White: "Do you honestly believe that the Brujah who have willingly chosen to stay in the Camarilla want to see someone who has spit on their passionate decision on the throne?"

Patricia: "I see. The Brujah are feeling slighted. I wonder if that's why the Prince of Dijon..." *shakes head* "Never mind." *sighs* "I've got a tricky couple of weeks ahead of me, I think. I was hoping I wouldn't have to depose Felix and invade San Francisco, but now..."

White: "It's a tricky situation. Even your clan has it's restrictions on involving themselves in the matter. And everyone is afraid to cross the Tremere." He says this last with a sinister smile.

Patricia: "Well... of course. Frankly, I don't want to cross Moritz, either. I just want the bay area stabilized and all fingers point to Cohen being the one rocking the boat the most." *shakes head* "Unfortunately, I don't seem to have the phone numbers of the Justicars or the Inner Council of the Tremere in my Rolodex."

White: "Few do... Your ex-prince made a point of getting a few numbers if you want to owe a boon far cheaper than that an Archon would ask." He says with a wry smile.

Patricia: "Atticus? Unfortunately, I doubt he's in a favor granting mood at the moment... but it shouldn't hurt me - much - to ask." *sighs* "I can't help agreeing with you. If he hadn't abdicated..." *shrug* "You've been so helpful. Is there anything I can do for you in return? Anything you want to see done in the bay area?"

White: "Atticus' loyalty to a dead man is.......unusual."

Patricia: *nod slowly* "He prides himself on it...His loyalty, I mean. It's certain, then? That Christian DeMedici is no more?"

: "I do not know the details, but his sloppy use of these looks more like when the Sabbat use influence, or try. Honestly that's the only reason your Atticus hasn't faded sooner. Not that I'm watching the situation or anything." 

PatriciaRDuNoir:: *nods* "Still, Atticus is getting ready to run - did you know that?"

White: Archon White leans up to you. "Get the bay area under a single court. If I am convinced that you had a very active hand in it, I will do what I can to make you a very happy kindred."

Patricia: *smiles* "Of course, you don't ask much... Can you tell me the other archons who can't currently get involved? I don't want to go hat-in-hand to them, and then discover I've wasted our time..."

White: Edwin, Francois, and blah, are all in agreement about the area.

Patricia: "Um... I'm not on first-name terms with any Archons..."

White: He sighs, almost disappointed. "Edwin is the Ventrue Archon for Torreador Justicar. He is by far the absolute worst Enemy of Felix right now. Francois is the Ventrue archon for the Ventrue Justicar and every one of your cities primogen are on his special shit list for putting on your throne someone the Ventrue declared unfit ever to hold office. So I wouldn't approach him unless you like pain. Blah is the Malkavian Archon to the Tremere Justicar. He just wants to see one prince--one strong prince. As do I. Phillipe also supports a single prince but is being kept far far far from this situation."

Patricia: "I had guessed that Phillipe was being deliberately kept out of the situation... You've made me realize that I need to be on better terms with people of your stature but... *deprecating grin* that can be a little tricky to do - if not outright dangerous."

White: "Yes indeed. As a primogen of your city, you currently share some of the blame that a probationary sect member sits on your throne. You have all sort have shrugged off that fact as if it is a minor detail of minor political importance." Very forcefully. "I'm telling you it isn't. A respectable Ventrue has decreed that Felix is never to hold office in the Cam and he currently resides as a prince. You have mocked the Camarilla, and especially the Ventrue in this matter and your court is plummeting in status because of it. Trying to shake hands and kiss babies could just put a face with a name to a lot of people that don't like you."

Patricia: *nod* "Frankly, Archon White, I've accepted the Primogency with the intention of using it as a stepping stone to better things - better for the entire bay area, I hoped... I understand, the home fences have to be fixed, first. Unfortunately, the court is so apathetic that they've proven hard to rouse." *sigh/slight smile* "But I think I might have a little more ammunition, now"

White: "I sincerely hope so. Your entire court has lost standing."

Patricia: *frowns* "I know. I would have left but... well, I don't seem to have much choice in the matter."

White: "No of course not." He turns back to his coffee. "Anything else, Patricia?"

Patricia: "Not at all, unless there is something specific you want me to convey back to the court of New Haven..."

White: He smiles. "Yes, I hope that by this time next year, it is never again called the court of New Haven."

Patricia: "Duly noted" *bow and scrape and make my retreat*