Trish began to light a cigarette and stopped herself as she was about to strike the match in her hand.

"I've got to stop doing that." she smiled at her own folly. "If you want to hear this story, Kim, you must promise to pay attention, I'm only going to say this once...

(Too bloody lazy to script it, besides, haven't you read this before, Mr. GM?)

1948. Born, March 31, near Toronto, Canada. Parents Mark and Anne DeMontfort.

1952. Little Patricia shows signs of being a "gifted" child. She has taught herself to read shortly after her fourth birthday, is able to express herself far more clearly than her peer group, is bored silly by kindergarten, etc.

1953. Patricia's parents enroll Trish in a private school that will let her proceed at her own pace.

1953-56. First school (Grades 1-3) Fairly uneventful. Trisha's teachers notice that while she can relate to the other students and make friends, she does not seem to be overconcerned with maintaining friendship. Silly schoolyard squabbles of the "If you don't give me some of your candy, I won't be your friend." variety. tend to be met with a hard stare and a declaration of "Fine, be somebody else's friend, then."

1956-58. Middle School. (Grades 4-7) Trish's parents cannot afford to continue Trish's private education, so she is enrolled at the local public school. Trish skips fourth grade and takes everything in stride, little kids being quite flexible, but as the teasing about being the shortest kid in the class, continues, combined with the resentment that she blows the curve, she begins to get a tad sullen.

1958-1962. High School. (Grades 8-12) This is when Trish learns that the best form of defence is a good offence, and nothing stops a bully like a well placed, rapier sharp insult (and if that fails, pay someone else to jump him). Trish loathes high school and graduates in three years, at the age of fourteen.

1962. By force of GPA, government loans, academic scholarships and the ability to give a great interview, Trish enters St. Stephen's college in Ontario, doing her pre-med work. Trish is simultaneously going through the whole stormy adolesence thing and doesn't like what she finds (y'know, a deep need to bully people, a worrying lack of empathy, that kind of thing). So she does her best to forget it by throwing herself into her work.

1965. Spring. Trish heads off for medical school at UC Davis. She already knows she wants to be a surgeon.

1968. Trish gains her M.D. and begins her internship work. This is when Trish begins to suspect her own motives.

1971. Residency completed, Trish is now a qualified surgeon at the tender age of twenty one. Doogie Howser jokes are not appreciated. She is taken on as a plastic surgeon at Sacramento General Hospital. Screaming heebie jeebies strike at Trish realizes that her worst fears were correct.

After some hard thinking, Trish decides that she can cope with her "little problem" especially in light of the fact that she's not qualified to do much else.

1971. About two months later. Screw the coping-alone crap, it's time to hit the tranqs.

One Michael Worthington, of the Clan Malkavia starts to take an interest in this highly neurotic young woman, but keeps himself to himself.

1972. Things degenerate. The self tranquilizing rapidly spirals out of control, and Trish gets hooked. Everything falls apart when she has a breakdown and a patient dies on the table. Patricia flees Sacramento. She is followed (at a discreet distance) by Michael.

1972. About a month later. Patricia is trying to commit suicide when Michael decides to step in and takes over her life. Literally. Patricia is Embraced July '72.

1972-76. Trish is introduced to the wonderful world of kneecapping and professional torture, while being kept on a very short leash by Michael.

Mid-1976. Michael leaves abruptly. He leaves a note telling Trish that he's "Just lost interest" and that "it's not fun anymore". Trish assumes "It" means "controlling your mind and fucking up your life even further". While Trish is relieved to have her own mind back, she realizes that Michael has told her very little about the rest of vampire society, and is left at a bit of a loose end.

1976-1980. Not knowing anything better to do, Trish continues doing what she did before - interragation and intimidation - mostly for a Bay Area crime boss, Robert Gariano, and gets a bit of a rep. "Behave, or Gariano's psycho will get you." She throws herself into it and tries her damnedest not to think too hard.

1981-86. Trish decides she needs a vacation, and has some very interesting experiences in South America, where governments have a blissful lack of concern for human rights. Mostly in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

1986-87. Trish returns to Canada and realizes she doesn't particularly like it. Leaves after six months in Montreal.

1988-1989. Trish returns to kneecapping, for Gariano, but that gets a bit boring after a while. Same old routine, you know. Does a short stint of contract killing, but that definitely wasn't her style.

1990-present. Trish hits upon the idea of maintaining a detox clinic for druggie types, which enables her to get her fix while salving her conscience, as they do get detoxed eventually... Meets up with Kim 1992.

1992 - Present. There's too much to summarize, but: Trish loses control of the drug rehab center around 1994. Most of 92 - 96 is spent with the vampires of "Gates" and their Anarch schemes. Patricia's memory of mid-1996 to late-1998 is very sporadic, and this worries her greatly. She knows she's too young to be sleeping as the elders do, so she wonders what has been done to her mind, and by whom....


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