I've Let You Go For So Long...

Author's note: You may want to read Preparations and Aftermath - in that order - for some context to this.

Patricia gazed levelly at the television. Her outing last night had caused some fuss and, for the second time in her life, Patricia was the center of media attention. Of course, this time it was a little easier to bear when her identity was unknown.

A day after she had stormed through the city, carefully choosing and killing, she was beginning to regret her actions - not from any reason of conscience, but because she had let herself forget that humans could sometimes be far more perceptive and tenacious than she gave them credit for. She had taken precautions – changing her face and the like – but there was no such thing as the perfect murder.

Meanwhile, TV news anchors continued their carefully balanced routine of inciting hysteria while imparting just enough information to keep viewers from changing the channel.

"…that was Detective Jim Roberts of the SFPD, confirming to the press that another body has been found at a bar in San Francisco. Roberts will not divulge precise details, but he has confirmed that there are signs indicating a connection between this and other bodies found earlier today in the city…"

Patricia nodded. That’s the last of them…I think. She was fairly certain, but she couldn’t be fully sure of anything, anymore.

A pile of newspapers were spread across the low table between her and the television set. Editions printed throughout the day documented the progressive discovery of the bodies of five men, at or near popular night spots in San Francisco. The papers didn’t know enough – yet – to tell the readers that all of the victims had been of similar size, build and features. That would come out, soon enough.

Patricia had taken pains to kill them all the same way –breaking their necks with an easy movement. Patricia had cut the tongue from each victim – those had been gladly eaten by a stray dog in Berkeley – and sliced away their eyelids – which had landed in a trash can in Oakland. Then, each body had been carefully laid out in a chosen spot – somewhere not too public, where they might lie until past daybreak. Just to confuse the issue – she wasn’t entirely stupid – Trish had used a little of her victims’ blood to write the word "Mother" on their foreheads.

Let the profilers figure that out, Trish smiled. I’m sure they’ll come up with a far more poetic vision than mine..

Trish’s attention returned to the television set. Another Detective was being grilled by the media, who were trying to push him into admitting the possibility of a serial killer. Idly, Patricia wondered if Detective Milne was still working for Oakland Homicide, and if he would be involved in the case. She wasn’t particularly worried about him, but she had a certain fondness for him. He had almost made life very difficult for her a few years ago, but she could think kindly of those she had beaten. Still, there was nothing that he knew about her that could connect her to five dead Italians.

I wonder how he’s going to react? Trish wondered idly, her mind wandering away from Milne. Last night, she had felt something snap within her, just as she snapped her first victim’s neck. Even as she continued her activities, she knew it was useless. It’s all useless. I can no longer quantify my reality.

Patricia stood, intending to find a public phone to call in an anonymous tip to the local CNN affiliate about the common traits between her victims. So I might as well have some fun. It’s like kicking over an anthill…


Patricia DeMontfort     RPG Characters     Rough Cut    July 1st, 1999