Regnants, in chronological order.

Toby Wrexham-Jones, Ventrue
1882 - 1903

Sebastian Moore, Ventrue
1905 - 1929

George Gibbons, Toreador
1929 - 1945

Yuri Semeniov, Brujah
1945 - 1962

Richard Anthony, Settite
1962 - 1978

Maria Jones, Toreador
1978 - 1985

Mark Tyler, Ventrue
1985 - 2003

Ethan Clarke
Not a regnant,
but an important individual, nonetheless

Nathan (aka Nate)
Currently a ghoul in London,
and occasional friend to Sally.


Jim Broadbent, Rupert Everett, Derek Jacobi, Oleg Menshikov, Justin Theroux, Susan Sarandon, Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey, Jack Davenport.
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