Lady Mary Wingrove (nee Sarah)

Player Mead, Johanna XP Unspent 0 Status Active
Character ID Total XP Earned 30 Narrator
Last Modified 2003-Aug-04
Affiliation Ghoul Motivation Power Nature Explorer
Title Demeanor Survivor
2 Willpower 3 Humanity 2 Conscience/Conviction
0 Blood 0 True Faith 4 Self-Control/Instinct
4 Courage
3 Physical 6 Social 7 Mental
Enduring x1 O
Nimble x1 O
Tenacious x1 O
Charismatic x1 O
Eloquent x1 O
Gorgeous x1 O
Intimidating x1 O
Manipulative x1 O
Persuasive x1 O
Analytical x1 O
Astute x1 O
Dedicated x1 O
Insightful x1 O
Intuitive x1 O
Knowledgeable x1 O
Observant x1 O
0 Neg. Physical 1 Neg. Social 0 Neg. Mental
16 Abilities Supernatural Powers
Appraisal x1 O
Etiquette x1 O
Finance x1 O
Intimidation x1 O
Linguistics x2 OO (russian, hebrew)
Lore: Camarilla x2 OO
Lore: Lore: Blood x2 OO
Lore: Vampire x2 OO
Science x1 O (geology)
Steward x2 OO
Subterfuge x1 O
Disciplines: Fortitude: Endurance (basic)
Disciplines: Presence: Awe (basic)
13 Backgrounds 9 Influences
Allies x2
Alt ID x3
Contacts x3
Resources x5
Finance x3
Industry x3
Transportation x3
Merits Flaws Derangements
Aware of False Love (2)
Learn Other Disciplines (3)
Well-Rested (1, only requires 3 hrs sleep every 24)
Nightmares (1)
Ward (3, 17 yr old great-great-grandson)
Immortal Fear
2 Humanity Equipment Health Levels
Humane x1 O
Loyal x1 O
Healthy x2 OO
Bruised x3 OOO
Wounded x2 OO
Incapacitated x1 O
Mortally Wounded x1 O
Resources Justification
Sally - as she prefers to be called - has a fairly business-like approach to being a ghoul. She hands over half her net income to her Regnant, and he gives her a close-to-free hand to continue making money for him.
So, although she has Resources x 5, she rarely has access to all of it - such as when she needs the funds for a major investment and, in that case, she usually ‘tithes’ that much more at the end of the next month. She generates money and makes herself generally useful, and she gets blood in return. It’s simple in theory.  
Her other skills include laundering funds - diamonds are very good for that - smuggling of small, expensive goods (her pipeline is set up for gemstones, after all) - and facilitating business deals. She is not the type of ghoul who sits in the haven all day over her Regnant’s body. The other part of the "deal" she usually strikes with her Regnant is that she is allowed to look after her family, and that the Regnant will not try to leverage her fondness for her descendants against her. Of course, once the Bond is in place, that can change. However, the absolute quickest way to turn Sally against a person is for that person to harm her family. Her regnant in the 1970s tried that (he was a Follower of Set and all-around dickhead) and he’s ash, now. Of course, Sarah had nothing to do with it directly...

WardThe ward - Robert Wingrove-Graves - believes that Sarah is his mother – Lady Mary Wingrove-Graves - and does not know that both of his parents died in a road accident in Africa when he was an infant. Mary took the identity of her greatx3 granddaughter (hence the Alt ID) and overtook the boy's upbringing.
Alt ID
 It's a bit tricky, but here's the breakdown:
Jessica Graves - known as a diamond dealer with a good reputation and a lot of connections. Carries a British passport (flagged number) and is also an American Citizen. This is the name covered by the "Alt ID" background.
Sally Wingrove - the name that Sally uses with other vampires (except her regnant, of course). There is no paperwork backing up this identity. Why give a potential enemy a starting point for research the minute you meet them? Since there is no paperwork for this ID, there's no secondary Alt ID to go along with it. It's barely more than a nickname - and there's nostalgia, of course...
Lady Mary Wingrove-Graves - is the name that Robert knows Sally by, and is used most often in interactions with humans outside the diamond business. Lady Mary holds a British passport, and is a Permanent Resident of the US. She is not known to be involved in the diamond trade, and, when asked, states that she has the good fortune to be raising her son on a fat trust fund, courtesy of great-great-grandma Sarah, which is quite close to the truth.