Timeline for Sarah (Sally) Wingrove

1849 – Born to John and Margaret Cooper of Newcastle

1854 – 1865 – Education: state schools until age 16, then to work as a teacher’s assistant, with the intention of attending teaching college in two years. Unfortunately, that plan is disrupted by…

1867 – Marriage to Robert Wingrove. Robert is a foreman at one of Newcastle’s many coal mines.

1870 – Robert, Sally and their young son (Robert Jr.) depart Newcastle for Southwest Africa and the newly discovered diamond mines located therein. This was a major risk for Robert and his family, as he was giving up an established and steady job in the hope of making a fortune.

1870 – 1872 – Robert’s gamble pays off as his stake proves to be slightly richer than most. Robert ploughs most of his money into buying adjacent stakes as his neighbors either give up or, having made their pot, get out. In 1871, a sister to Robert Jr. (Claire) is born.

1873 – Robert’s luck runs out as he is killed during a landslide/cave-in (these were open pit mines at this point), leaving Sally with the family to raise and a burgeoning diamond business to deal with.

1873 – 1882 – to everyone’s surprise, Sally does not sell her claims to any of the vultures that swoop down to take advantage of her grief. Instead, she hires help and continues working the fields, using the knowledge she learned from her husband. She continues to put most of the profits into expanding her hold, as consolidation has become the rule of the moment. Towards the end of this period, Sally attracts the attention of Cecil Rhodes and his cronies.

1882 – with the merger between the Bartano group (which Sally was a part of) and Rhodes’ allies, the DeBeers Group is formed, and Sally finds herself a member of a rather select group. This becomes even more apparent when she is approached by Toby Wrexham-Jones, a kindred of the Ventrue clan, and is Ghouled by him. Rhodes has taken an interest in Sally (it’s not in how well the bear waltzes…) and that can be leveraged into influence by a canny kindred.

 1882 – 1903 - Rhodes was not a ghoul, but under the influence of several ghouls controlled by Wrexham-Jones. During this time, Sally’s time was divided between Africa and London, as her holdings and business savvy increased. Starting 1882, Claire and Robert Junior are sent to the best schools that Sally can afford (not quite Eton and Roedean, but close). In 1885, Sally buys herself a title (Viscountess of Hove, a title that would otherwise have gone extinct) and the Wingrove family firmly turns its back on their working-class origins. Sally now manages two successful diamond mines in southwestern Africa.

1895 – Robert Wingrove Jr. marries Emily Carstairs
1897 – Robert Wingrove III is born.

1903 – 1905 – Cecil Rhodes dies, and a nasty period of subtle-yet-bloody conflict erupts as several powerful kindred scramble for control over the DeBeers company. During this time, Sally had to scramble for sustenance from a variety of sources and did not enjoy it. This period ends when Sally falls in with

1905 - 1930 – Sebastian Moore was a Ventrue with more luck than skill. During her time with him, Sarah took on a lot more responsibility, learned more about the cut-diamond trade, as well as just mine-management and selling rough stones. Despite the incompetence of her regnant, Sarah enjoyed this period, as she learned a lot that she might not have been able to under the supervision of a more competent and controlling individual. This regnant committed suicide after the Wall Street crash. During this time, Sally’s time was evenly divided between Africa, London and Antwerp.

1915 – Robert Wingrove III marries Katherine MacCalvie shortly before departing for the Great War (he came back sane and sound, defying statistical likelihood)

1917 – Sally’s great-grandson – Michael Robert Wingrove is born 

1930 - 1945 - Third regnant - George Gibbons. George was a Toreador and quite humane. Sarah liked him. He encouraged Sarah's growing interest and facility with the cut-stone trade – and very much encouraged her appreciation of the stones as art, in addition to being money-making commodities.
         The war exposed Sarah to serious smuggling and black-marketeering for the first time. Generally, she didn't approve of it, but agreed that it was inevitable. She learned the rudiments of dealing in contraband jewelry and, later, materiel needed for the second world war and was quite surprised at how easy smuggling could be, particularly with small, high-value items like gem stones.
         Sarah was quite shattered when George casually handed her over to Russian Brujah businessman, in payment for a favor. He might have been distressed at giving her up, but he gave no indication, lest it be interpreted as weakness.
         Most of Sally’s time was spent in Europe, with the exception of the duration of WWII, which was spent in Africa, away from the fighting (mostly smuggling diamonds, oil and rubber)

1935 – Michael Robert Wingrove marries Theresa Fotheringham
1936 – Simon Michael Robert Wingrove (Sally’s great2 grandson) is born

1945 - 1962 - Forth Regnant, Yuri Semeniov - a cold-hearted, hard-nosed Brujah. As a dedicated communist, Yuri assisted in the Soviets’ plans to flood the world market with diamonds. During this time, Sarah spent most of her time establishing and managing mining facilities in Siberia. This time, Sarah was forcibly carried off by the Followers of Set at the end of her servitude. Yuri owed them a favor, but overtly tried to avoid paying it (particularly by means of handing over his money-machine ghoul) so at least she had that consolation. Most of Sarah’s time during this period was spent in Russia and New York. She had difficulty keeping track of her family during this time, unsurprisingly.

1952 – Simon Michael Robert Wingrove marries Jessica Taylor. Shortly thereafter, Mary Julia Wingrove is born (Sally’s great3 grand-daughter). Yes, there was a bit of scandal surrounding the marriage and birth, given that Simon is only 16 and married for only six months when his daughter is born.

1962 - 1978 - Fifth Regnant, Richard Antonioni. This one was definitely Sarah's least favorite. During this time, she was forced to manage a significant smuggling ring, specializing in conflict diamonds from Sierra Leone and central Africa.
         Richard did his best to force Sarah to buy into his mentality, but she clung to shreds of her morality, somehow. However, between this time and that in Russia, Sarah now has a very clear idea as to how dirty the modern business can be. (1/2 time in Africa, 1/2 India, a little time in Australia.)
         Richard met a nasty end in Australia, partially because a Toreador enemy of her regnant was usurping Sarah’s enthrallment, and Sarah was able to provide information that led to Richard’s end.

1975 –Mary Julia Wingrove, owner of a small chain of high-school jewelry shops in London - marries James Colby Graves.

1978 - 1983 - Sixth Regnant, Maria Jones. This Australian Toreador introduced Sarah to the opal trade, as well as that of other fine gems.
         Unfortunately, management of smuggling continued, although to a lesser degree. Sarah was quite proud of the fact that she managed to lessen Sarah’s involvement in the illicit gem trade - or maybe the timing was coincidental, Sarah will never know.
         During this time, Sarah re-established contact with the CSO (later DTC – Diamond Trading Commission) under a new name, as her contact with them had been severely limited whilst under the thumb of Yuri and Richard. In another game of give-a-boon, Sarah was handed off to Mark Tyler of Clan Ventrue in 1983. (time was spent in Australia, Botswana, New York) 

1983 - 2002 - Seventh Regnant, Mark Tyler of New York. Classic Gordon Gecko money-grubbing Ventrue. He was willing to let Sarah do almost anything, as long as it made him pots of money.
         During this time, Sarah regains her place as an intermediary buyer of rough and finished stones rather than a manager of mining operations, and shook off the last of her associations with smugglers - although some phone numbers linger in the Rolodex. (New York, Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Botswana)

1985 – Robert Wingrove-Graves is born (Sally’s great4 grandson)  much to the relief of his parents.
1986 – Simon Wingrove dies, having been predeceased by his wife.
1987 – Mary and James Wingrove-Graves are killed in auto accident whilst on a diamond-buying trip to Liberia.

1987 – Sally Wingrove comes out of the woodwork, takes over Mary’s identity, and sets out to raise Robert as her son. Yes, this is very complicated and requires the assent of her regnant. At this point, Sally’s relationship with her Regnant is almost entirely fiscal – 50% of her net income is given to him, in return for the monthly dose – and an arrangement is made, at a price. Sally is amused to return to holding the family title, albeit under a different name. The title, will pass to Robert on his 21st birthday, or when he marries, whichever comes first.

2002 - present - flexible. Could be Mark Tyler, or a PC in the game. If the former, then he has recently met his end (or has gotten bored of the diamond trade and wishes to sell her off). If the latter, then... find a PC. I would rather run with the idea of Mark having met some unpleasant end (known to Sally, or not) and she is scrambling to find a new Regnant before her true age catches up to her.

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