Mary Wingrove-Graves
aka Sarah 'Sally' Wingrove, Jessica Graves

Mary Wingrove-Graves was born in Newcastle in 1849. She followed her fortune-seeking husband to the diamond mines of southwest Africa and, following his accidental death, managed his interests so well that she attracted the attention of one Toby Wrexham-Jones of Clan Ventrue. This marked the beginning of a period of servitude that has lasted over 150 years. 

Mary has been a ghoul to seven Regnants, ranging throughout the Camarilla, and is now in California looking for number eight. After so many years in the company of the kindred, she has developed some rather high standards, and some secrets of her own that must be kept - even from her Regnant...

Timeline (2003)
Detailed - but not overly so, I hope - timeline for Mary Wingrove-Graves. Currently focuses on her  Regnants, and more detail will be added, over time. 

Gallery of Regnants, and Others
Just what it says it is.

Journal Excerpts (2003)
In progress. Highlights from 150 years of journal-keeping. This document will be updated as inspiration strikes.

Unfortunately, inspiration for the pre-game journal (above) has been lacking of late, I suggest you check out Sally's livejournal which I update once a week or so. This project has turned out to be far more fun than I had anticipated and so is a more interesting read, I think.

Questionnaire (2003)
For the STs of Wasting The Dawn, their character questionnaire, answered - an overview of the character.

Stats (2003)
Character sheet, as made per Wasting The Dawn house-rules, with XP awarded by them for her background. The notes include justification for her backgrounds and merits.

Looking for Sparkles In The Dark (2004 - 2005)
A Livejournal maintained for the character during her tenure with CAST - a chronicle unrelated to Wasting The Dawn

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