Because I Am A Total Geek...
Jyhad/VTES versions of characters I have created.
Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized image - I have to save my bandwidth!

Janice Masterson

Adriana Taylor 

Rachel DuNoir 

Yvette Collier

Paul Viersan

Sarah Donner

Patricia DeMontfort

Michael Worthington

Rebecca Logsdon

S. Mangrum

Gregor Skolnikov

Anja Skolnikov

Svetlana Yemerov

Mary Wingrove-Graves

Amy Jones,
indie ghoul

Renee Alcon

Not enough? Take a gander at these other cards, based upon characters I have encountered in various LARPs

Credits for the pictures may be found here. This is all homage. If you're a Limey-eating lawyer with a problem, please contact me before you warm up the cease-and-desist order, as I'm very keen on not being sued.

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