Endra Yahnna

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A smile and a handblaster will get you a lot farther than just a smile alone - that is Yahnna's credo in life. As comfortable in deep space as she is on a planet, Yahnna knows she's seen far more of the galaxy than anyone of her age really should - not that she's about to admit her age. She calls herself a free-trader and freelance pilot, although she won't deny the epithet of smuggler too vigorously. Home is where ever she happens to be and her wordly goods she can carry on her back.


As The Dust Settles
Following her hasty recruitment onto the ill-fated IMV Vallinor - a mining vessel that was more, yet less, than it seemed - Yahnna finally has a chance to relax and try to make some sense out of the previous three days.

Further Into The Unknown
A suspicious accident forces the Iridium Rose to take shelter at an abandoned research facility. Of course, things are never that simple...

The Iridium Rose is still plagued by a spy amongst the crew, as a computer fault forces them to land on an Imperial planet. Duvessa's life is endangered when she is immediately arrested, and Yahnna sees red.

Another day, another crisis
In an attempt to throw the on-board spy off their guard, the crew of the Iridium Rose transfer to Yahnna's salvaged ship, the Broken Spanner and rush to their planned destination, where they hope to find the remains of a secret Jedi temple. Of course, on the watery world of Ord Montavi, things aren't quite that simple...

Out of the Frying Pan
The Broken Spanner finally leaves Ord Montavid, and is immediately captured by the Star Destroyer Relentless. Whackiness ensues.

Long Day
After a long absence, Yahnna records a new entry and explains how she came by the Star Chaser.

Walking Into Trouble...Again
Just when Yahnna thought she couldn't aggravate Darth Stygoss and Admiral Zaraith any further...

Duplicitous Dealings
A client tries to cheat Yahnna out of what's owed to her, but the consequences are a little more...explosive than anyone anticipated.

Endra Yahnna was a part of the Iridium Gambit, a Star Wars RPG campaign run by Alex B. The other players were Jennifer B. and Eric L.

Both pictures of Yahnna are actually of the actress Deborah Unger, and are taken from the film The Game.

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