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It’s finally happened, I’ve lost my mind. Although I’m surprised it’s taken so long, given all the things around here that have been driving me nuts.


The unfound spy aboard the Iridium Rose caused further trouble a couple of days ago, when our navigation computers just happened to lose their memory at just the right time to force us to make an emergency stop on an Imperial planet – I forget it’s name, Something Five, I think.


That was bad, but bearable, as Meric had a fistful of Imperial ID codes, and we even thought it would be safe enough to venture outside the ships’ hangar and breathe some uncanned air.


I really should have known better. We do still have a spy amongst us, after all, as the lid was blown off our Imperial ID codes before our engines had finished cooling. Duvessa followed the natural urge of any feather-headed rich girl to go shopping - Val’s training of her is facing an uphill battle in that regard and she got picked up by Stormtroopers when she decided to drop in on the local senator.


It seems that Val has also forgotten to warn her than, when running around with rebels, you don’t necessarily want to go cozying up the government, even if you are a Senator from whatever podunk planet Duvessa happens to be from.




So of course, we overreacted. I’m not surprised that Artoo got hysterical – it’s only three weeks old – but I was startled to learn that Meric had to stop Val from chewing through the Rose’s hull in his rush to go get her back.


I had met up with a local Rebellion sympathizer, a Mon-Calamari called Geehan – and I only had to start one fight to find him. Sigh. I had forgotten how much I don’t miss spaceport bars…


Geehan had the smart idea of, rather than going after Duvessa with blasters’ blazing, we just convince the Imperial computers that they have the wrong person. Of course, this required us sneaking Aytoo-Deetoo into the prison facility, because it couldn’t crash their computer system from outside.


Maire and Meric offered to provide a little distraction to keep the Imperial authorities busy while Geehan and I snuck Aytoo to where it needed to be – but I wish they had warned us that the ‘distraction’ was going to involve explosions, lots of them. Meric claimed that things had gotten a little out of control, and how were they to know those were the main propane tanks for the base, but Maire obviously didn’t believe him, and neither did I.


While Meric’s handywork had practically every trooper in the base running for cover, I lost my mind. Aytoo – who had just managed to crash the Imperial computer network for the entire city – told us that Duvessa was being held in the same building and I decided that it would be a sensible idea for us to fetch her, since we were in the vicinity and all. To his credit, Geehan tried to talk me out of it, but I wasn’t having any of it. The thought of an eighteen year-old facing Imperial interrogation droids makes me see red.


Half an hour later, we’re back at the Rose with a semi-conscious Duvessa, Meric and Maire were reeking of petroleum distillates and a rather shell-shocked Mon-Calamari – a hell of a day, even for this crowd.


Needless to say, we left the planet immediately, especially when Duvessa managed to rouse herself enough to tell us that the star destroyer Relentless was heading into the system. The fact that same ship that nearly blew us to flinders when we were leaving Paranoth was being sent as Duvessa's welcoming committee worries me, a lot. The Empire is devoting some serious resources to tracking us down, and the fact that one Star Destroyer has bothered to track us across a third of the galactic disk makes me wonder if some senior Imperial official is taking a personal interest in the Rose's activities. Usually, ships are dispatched on an as-available basis, and Star Destroyers aren't deployed on just anyone's say-so...


We’re safe, for now, but this whole ugly incident has made the entire crew aware that there is still a spy on board, and know that the lid’s been blown off, that spy is going to be getting more careful – and more ruthless. I’m going to be meeting with Meric and Val about this, ASAP, but the fact is that the only people on this ship who aren’t on my list of suspects are Val and myself.


Of course, some of the crew are under more suspicion than others, but I just don’t know enough about them to be able to make any judgments, just yet. Sigh. Why did I get into this? Smuggling’s easier, most days…

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